Windows 10: Experiments with Windows 10X setup dialogs

[German]For years, the setup procedure of a Windows 10 system has hardly changed. Now Microsoft is suddenly experimenting heavily with new setup options that are displayed during the OOBE phase. In the new Insider Preview 20231, for example, setup dialogs have appeared that were known from Windows 10X.


I had already reported in the blog post Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20231: Tailored Setup about Microsoft's intention to revamp the setup process. There it was about providing a new option to select the usage scenario during the Out-of-the-box-Experience-Phase (OOBE) which follows the setup of the actual installation. Microsoft is currently using insiders to determine whether a page should be added to the Windows setup (OOBE) for an initial setup (or when resetting Windows 10). This allows users to specify the intended use of the system (game PCs, office or design devices, a school PC, etc.) so that the initial setup can be improved.

Suddenly Windows 10X setup dialogs

Users who tried Insider Preview 20231 of Windows 10 and reinstalled it via the ISO installation media suddenly noticed completely new setup dialogs.

Neuer Windows 10-Setup-Dialog
(New Windows 10 setup dialog)

The pages that are displayed during the installation in the OOBE phase (Out-of-the-box-Experience) are probably known from Windows 10X.

Windows 10X is Microsoft's attempt to manage devices with two screens under Windows. Windows 10X does not have a desktop, but a launcher where you can pin and start apps. Windows 10X can only do UWP apps and somehow also has the ability to support Win32 applications. But since dual-display devices from Microsoft have moved into the far distance, Microsoft wants to offer Windows 10X also on devices with one screen. Compared to the classic Windows 10, there are some new features in the start menu, the taskbar and the info center.

Albacore has taken the setup dialogs and posted a video on Twitter with the setup process. There you can also see the new dialog pages.


Neue Windows 10-Setup-Dialoge
(Video: New Windows 10-Setup-Dialogs)

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