Adobe Acrobat (Reader) DC 21.001.20142

[German]Adobe had to ship another update for Adobe Acrobat and Reader DC, after a recent hotfix corrected a bug (see Adobe Reader/Acrobat DC Hotfix 21.001.20138 fixes install error 1722), followed by bug fix version 20140.


The hotfix to Adobe Acrobat (Reader) DC 21.001.20142, dated Feb. 25, 2021, fixes several bugs at once:

  • Sandbox:
    4312515: Not able to render and switch out from PV in Portfolio files and blank page is rendered.
  • Rendering:
    4323682: Acrobat DC disappears upon opening files with comments.
  • PDF Shell:
    4324435: PDF thumbnails are not getting generated after the latest update in Reader DC.
  • Search:
    4324443: Not able to Find/Search text in PDF documents
  • 4324730: Acrobat is not able to load BPDX file
  • PDFL:
    4324516: Acrobat is not able to launch if 3rd party tools "PDFLib TET Plugin" is placed
  • JavaScript:
    4324590: app.thermometer produces error when it's value is updated
  • Security-Signatures:
    4324697: Crash on Opening a particular Signed PDF
  • PDF Optimizer:
    4325421: Win: Acrobat Standard – Reduce File Size option not being displayed under File menu

A list of known problems can be found here. Thanks to Martin E. for the hint.

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  1. wyxchari says:

    What a mess! Almost a daily update. They go 3 in a row.

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