Adobe Reader/Acrobat DC Hotfix 21.001.20138 fixes install error 1722

[German]Adobe has released a hotfix 21.001.20138 for its Adobe Reader and Acrobat DC. This update fixes a number of bugs, including installation error 1722, which I discussed here on the blog a few days ago.


With the security updates from February 9, 2021, some Adobe Reader/Acrobat DC administrators ran into problems, because these updates could not be installed in all scenarios. The installation then failed with installation error 1722- I had pointed out this issue and a workaround in the blog post Adobe Reader/DC Update (Feb. 9, 2021) drops error 1722 in Windows.

Hotfix 21.001.20138 fixes bugs

German blog reader SKG1 had already pointed me to the update yesterday in this comment. This hotfix mitagates the installation issue with error 1722 mentioned above. In addition, other buts are also fixed. The list of changes show below can be found on the Adobe page for theOptional Update 21.001.20138, where the following changes are listed:


  • 4324395: An error comes up on opening PDFs in Reader when trying to open from OneDrive's Personal Vault Folder


  • 4324448: Unable to Save PDF file to Citrix ShareFile drive
  • 4324392: Unable to save digitally signed PDF to Box drive when "Enable Protected Mode at startup (Preview)" is enabled


  • 4324403: Error "PDF browser plugin is missing, reinstall the application" shown on opening PDF in browser
  • 4324403: Hang on connecting to Global Protect tool with error "PDF browser plugin is missing, reinstall the application" shown in background


  • 4324342: "Choose Paper source by PDF page size" checkbox is not working while Protected Mode is enabled


  • 4323902: Acrobat is not able to load associated index with a PDF file


  • 4323851: Getting Error 1722 while installing 32-bit Reader or on applying latest Reader patch

Fill & Sign

  • 4324424: Reader: Nothing happens on clicking "Save a copy" button after adding a signature through Fill and Sign on a Reader extended document


  • 4324400: Cell content from Excel app is getting copied as image to the Edit app

There are quite a few bugs that had to be corrected shortly after the release of the February 2021 update. The installation error is mentioned in the "Installer" section.

Note: A German reader reported, that suddenly some pdf thumbnails were no longer displayed to him. After installing Foxit, these thumbnails were immediately displayed again.

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