VLC 3.0.15 released

Sicherheit[German]The developers of the VLC Player have released version 3.0.15 for Linux, macOS and Windows on June 8, 2021. It is only a minimal maintenance update, which should fix bugs.


The update is not yet offered to me in the VLC Player on Windows when searching for updates (version 3.0.14 still shows up there). The colleagues from German site deskmodder.de have already mentioned it here. The change log on Github lists the following fixes.

Changes between 3.0.14 and 3.0.15:

 * Fix asf regression with broadcast streams
 * MP4: Fix audio drop on seek

Video Output:
 * Fix seek & volume sliders overlapping with subtitles
 * Fix delays when seeking with D3D11

Text renderer:
 * Improve freetype fonts outlining

 * Fix GnuTLS support for Windows XP

The new player will be available in the coming days on this website for operating systems such as Linux, macOS, Windows and more. Be sure to download and install the new version. The latest version 3.0.15 is already available on the  FTP servers.

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