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VLC Player 3.0.6 released

[German]Another little addendum: A few days ago (on January 10, 2019) the developers of VideoLan released the VLC Player version 3.0.6 for Linux, macOS and Windows. This version closes a Denial of Service vulnerability of the previous versions.

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Bing says VLC player site is malicious

[German]Microsoft’s search engine Bing is probably in a clinch with the Videolan website where the VLC player is hosted. The website is classified as ‘dangerous’. Addendum: This fals warning has been fixed.

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Subtitles put video player at risk–hacked in translation

Video players are vulnerable. Check Point researchers revealed a new attack vector which threatens millions of users worldwide – attack by subtitles viewed in media players.

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Video playback shows a vertical red/green line

Some users are facing a strange problem during video playback in Windows Media Player 12, a vertical red line is showing on the screen. VLC users are seeing probably a green line. Here is why.

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Warning: Vulnerabilities in VLC-Player 2.1.5

Today I like to address a mysterious security issue within VLC Player 2.1.5. This popular media player seems to have two security flaw in memory management, that can be used to execute any code.

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