VLC 3.0.11 Vetinari released

Sicherheit[German]The developers of the VLC Player have released version 3.0.11 (Vetinari) for Linux, macOS and Windows. It is only a maintenance update which should fix bugs and vulnerabilities.


Blog-Leser deoroller deoroller has pointed this out in this comment (thanks for that). The update has been offered to me in the VLC-Player under Windows for some time. In the change log on Github the following is stated as a correction compared to VLC 3.0.10.

* rtp descriptor leak on error fix

* Fixed regression with some encrypted HLS streams
* Live HLS delay until first update fix
* HLS rendition switch regression fix
* Fix imprecise m4a seek

* Fixed missing captions with some capture cards

Audio filters:
* soxr resampling fixes


* Updated libfaad to 2.9.2 (Parametric Stereo regression)
* Updated libarchive to 3.4.2

* Fixed moving video window with mouse
* Fixed UI issue showing "permissions warning" unnecessarily often
* Fixed stack buffer overflow listing bluray mount points
* Fixed potential crashes at startup

Audio Output:
* Fix sound not coming back after a pause with CoreAudio (macOS/iOS)

* Update Youtube script

For macOS there is version 3.0.12 with the following change: Fix automatic playback resume with "Music" app

Deskmodder's colleagues state here that the security issue CVE-2020-13428 has been fixed.

The new player is available on this website for operating systems like Linux, macOS, Windows and others. Make sure that you really download and install the new version. The current version is also available on the FTP servers.

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