iOS 14.7.1 and macOS 11.5.1

[German]Apple released iOS 14.7.1 and macOS 11.5.1 on July 26, 2021. These are updates that fix bugs and especially security vulnerabilities. One vulnerability is already being exploited for attacks practically in the wild.


I became aware of this update for the two Apple operating systems iOS 14.7.1 and macOS 11.5.1 via various messages as well as the following tweet. Arstechnica published this article on the updates.

 iOS 14.7.1 & macOS 11.5.1

The changes for iOS 14.7.1 and iPadOS 14.7.1 are documented on this Apple page. Only the CVE-2021-30807 vulnerability has been patched. 


Available for: iPhone 6s and later, iPad Pro (all models), iPad Air 2 and later, iPad 5th generation and later, iPad mini 4 and later, and iPod touch (7th generation)

Impact: An application may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited.

Description: A memory corruption issue was addressed with improved memory handling.

This update is recommended for all users and OS 14.7.1 also fixes an issue where iPhone models with Touch ID cannot unlock a paired Apple Watch using the "Unlock with iPhone" feature. Apple's update page has the entry formacOS Big Sur 11.5.1, which lists the same security fix for IOMobileFrameBuffer.

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