Microsoft is the most hated company in 22 countries

[German]Redmond seems to be the most hated brand from the technology sector on this planet. That's the result of a review derived by Rave from many tweets about Big Tech gigants. They came to the conclusion that Microsoft has by far the worst rating of all companies from the big tech sector in 22 countries.


Is Microsoft is the new Oracle? I became aware onto the subject via Twitter when this tweet came under my eye a few hours ago. Windows Central broke it all down in this article.

Microsoft's worse reputation

Inside views of the company

If you follow the advertisements, corporate posts or presentations from Redmond, Microsoft is the most loved company on this planet and its products are genious. Only Apple is even better, at least in the eyes of real fans.  But from October 5, 2021, Apple looks ancient, because then Microsoft comes around the corner with its Windows 11 and the user base will just fell in love …

Rave Review: The other view of things

The site Rave has taken a look around Twitter and evaluated the comments on specific brands in different countries. It's generally about companies, from Lego (not well regarded) to Amazon (also not doing well) to Uber (not doing well at all). The review was published here. Under the heading Microsoft Most Hated Big Tech Brand in 22 Countries, it says that the big technology brands (big tech), i.e. Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc., are the most hated in 12 countries. But there are also some number ones in this field.

  • The authors of the evaluation expressed surprise that Microsoft may take the crown in 22 countries in terms of "Most hated company".
  • For comparison, Facebook and Google together come to 24 countries. Amazon is the most hated in only six countries, with Amazon operating in only 18 countries. In the U.S., Microsoft even recorded a 41.57% share of negative tweets.

And now I'm sitting here desperately asking myself the question: what is Redmond doing wrong? Great products, great prices (almost everything for free), great marketing. Nothing can really go wrong. What went wrong?


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9 Responses to Microsoft is the most hated company in 22 countries

  1. Chris Pugson says:

    Microsoft -> corporate control freak. All too often, I log onto a Windows 10 system and the cussed thing forces me to wait with the dreaded 'Just a moment…' followed by 'Let's finish setting up your device'

    My device is already set up just as I want it. I will be damned if I will do Microsoft's bidding.

    The air around my head turns blue.

  2. David Everingham says:

    I have never bothered finishing it, but I was compiling a list of the 200 or so things in Windows 7 that simply do not work properly. ("Not just 1… not 2… not even 5… not 6 or 7 or 8… not 10, or 15… not 20, nor 25, nor 30… not 40, nor 45, nor even 50… not 60… … .") • An example offhand is the text editor. It all looks fine until you discover that it is using embedded ¶'s inside paragraphs to do line spacing, and these can readily become part of your text. [That means that *all* your paragraphs are broken into odd-length lines, and you have to manually fix every one individually. …Which is pointless, because it will just screw it all up again. (!!)] It is like a fun project that a teenager got enthusiastic about, until they discovered that it would take more than six minutes to finish it. Really actually like that!! (Oddly enough… I did a thorough search for a working, basic simple text editor for Windows, and found not a single working one (among 15 or 20, most of which were for programmers and worked well for that)!) • Another is that it is simply not supported, to mouse-down on a menu, and mouse-up on the chosen item in the menu. You absolutely *have* to click-move-click. …Except Sleep… proving that the OS does indeed support the concept after all! • The GUI is not a GUI. In Macintosh, objects are tracked internally, so that they can be treated as objects by the OS. Windows just uses the text object label. It is literally not a GUI. **Windows is literally not a Graphical User Interface!!** • CHKDSK, which is the OS's program for *fixing* **hard disc problems**, is so bad that a friend gravely warned me to never, ever use it. • The paths for files support file names of some length or other… but the paths are limited to 255 characters altogether. Not 750, or 1024, or 65535, or 2^32 or something, but… 255 for the entire path. Every time I try to copy the contents of one drive onto another, when setting up a machine… the whole thing crashes and burns partway through, because of this. The only recourse is to manually reorganise one's personalised directory structure to suit to neanderthal OS, and manually copy every subdirectory, source to target, one by one, writing it all down as you go. • Offhand, I remember something that people had been complaining about, and they utterly refused to fix it, for **13 years**. Something easy to fix. • There are characters in Macintosh file names, that MS Office does not understand [such as "—", or "•", conceptually]. That includes the whole path, not just the immediate file name. If you have used one of these characters in any pertinent folder name, it is simply not possible to work with any file in that, or any subfolder. I actually formally asked Microsoft to fix this, via Consumer Affairs. They politely and officially said that it was too difficult to justify the effort.
    Don't get me started.

  3. P.D. says:

    "Most Hated"??? I'm shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED!

    (…and anyone that has ever used their "Support" to try and solve a glitch….ah, me, it's straight out of Tom Lehrer's "Masochism Tango"….

    -Actual Victim

  4. Advertising

  5. Yanta says:

    Only 22 countries? Obviously a very limited survey.

  6. Mike Jonson says:

    Anything that Bill Gates touches turns to SH%T. Bill is about to receive the wrath of mankind for his his abhorent behavior over decades….

    Microsoft was the best of his endeavours!

  7. WUT says:

    Who is everybody?

    There are seven billion people on the planet, we need names or details.

    One million Twitter bots don't count, another company that happens to be anti everything run by a single adult child in charge of bottle rockets and toilet fixtures.

  8. stefan says:

    This evil and retarded as well corp is a waste of time you can't resolve their trash problems without reinstall or restore backups (thir restore will not working without BSoDs) this mess software.

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