Adobe Acrobat (Reader) DC 21.007.20095/21.007.20096 (fixes error 0xc0000142)

[German]Adobe has released a hotfix for Adobe Acrobat (Reader) DC as of September 29, 2021, bringing the Windows version to 21.007.20095 and the macOS version to 21.007.20096. The hotfix is optional and is supposed to fix a number of bugs – even bug 0xc0000142 of version 21.007.20091 is supposed to be fixed on Windows.


The colleagues from have picked up the info about the hotfix here. The downloads of the concerning optional updates of Acrobat DC / Acrobat Reader DC to version 21.007.20095 (Windows) or 21.007.20095 (macOS) can be found on this Adobe website. Adobe lists the following bug fixes to be addressed by this optional update:


  • 4341633:  Outline box is not visible in Custom Area selection on using Reading Order tool

Adobe Sign

  • 4341599: Unable to type @ symbol in Add Signer dialog in Request Signature workflow with localized keyboard


  • 4341451: [Windows] Selection border does not show up while selecting objects during marquee selection



  • 4341424: Acrobat/Reader starts repair window when launched from shortcut icon or on opening FDF/XDP/XFDF files


  • 4341762: Alt-text of figures is not getting captured and appearing gibberish post conversion to pdf


  • 4341347: Out of Memory error while scrolling through page thumbnails
  • 4341548: Lag was observed while using Marquee Zoom tool on Mac


  • 4341639: On Mac, black marker is not visible on dragging-dropping in Left Side Panels
  • 4341271: Menu Bar appears truncated on extended monitorhnitten

Known issues are documented here.

Is the error 0xc0000142 fixed?

After installing Adobe Acrobat (Reader) DC version 21.005.20091, some administrators noticed that the program crashes on Windows on exit with error 0xc0000142. I had discussed the case in more detail in the blog post Adobe Reader DC 21.007.20091 crashes with error 0xc0000142, without being able to give a solution. However, it crystallized that the error might be related to a Windows security update from July 2021. The installer attempted to repair the Adobe program, which caused a crash.

The above paraphrase 4341424: Acrobat/Reader launches repair window when launched from a shortcut icon or when opening FDF/XDP/XFDF files already led me to believe that the problem might be fixed. Based on yesterday's additions to the blog post Adobe Reader DC 21.007.20091 crashes with error 0xc0000142, I did some more research. On the Adobe forum, I came across this moderator post:

Hi All! Thanks for your time and patience. The fix is available with the latest update of Acrobat & Reader DC Continuous track: Adobe Acrobat and Reader – 21.007.2009x Optional update.  Please install the latest patch, and let us know if you experience any issues.  See this article for detailed information about this release, bug fixes and how to update the app:… Regards, Anand Sri.

Suggests to me that the problem should be fixed. Can anyone confirm this?

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