Firefox 93 and 78.15.0esr/91.1.2esr

Mozilla[German]Mozilla developers have released version 93.0.0 and 78.15.0esr/91.1.2esr of the Firefox browser on October 5, 2021. It is the version 93.0.0 a new development branch of the browser, and the ESR 78.15.0 respectively the last security update in this development branch, which should eliminate vulnerabilities, but also fix bugs.


Firefox 93.0.0

According to the release notes, version 93.0.0 brings some new features as well as bug fixes and security fixes. Here is a rough overview of the new features: 

  • Firefox now supports the new AVIF image format, which is based on the modern and royalty-free AV1 video codec. It offers significant bandwidth savings for websites compared to existing image formats. It also supports transparency and other advanced features.
  • Firefox PDF viewer now supports filling more forms (XFA-based forms used by several governments and banks).
  • When available system memory is critically low, Firefox on Windows automatically unloads tabs based on their last access time, memory usage, and other attributes. This should help reduce Firefox crashes when memory is low. Switching to an unloaded tab automatically reloads it.
  • To prevent session loss for macOS users running Firefox from a mounted .dmg file, they are now prompted to exit the installation. This permission prompt appears only when these users run Firefox for the first time on their computer.
  • Firefox now blocks downloads based on insecure connections, protecting against potentially malicious or unsafe downloads. Learn more and see where you can find downloads in Firefox.
  • Improved web compatibility to protect privacy with SmartBlock 3.0.
  • Introduction of new referrer tracking protection in Strict Tracking Protection and Private Browsing.
  • Introducing Firefox Suggest, a faster way to navigate the web. Learn more about the experience and local-specific features.

Details may be obtained within the release notes. Changes include: TLS ciper suites that use 3DES have been disabled. Such cipher suites can only be enabled if deprecated versions of TLS are also enabled. The download panel now follows the visual style of Firefox. Furthermore, there are the following bug fixes in the new Firefox 93:

  • The VoiceOver screen reader now correctly reports whether an item in an accessible tree is selected or unselected.
  • The Orca screen reader now works correctly with Firefox, so users no longer need to switch to another application after launching Firefox.

In addition, some vulnerabilities rated as high or moderate have been fixed in the new version. 

Firefox 91.1.2esr and Firefox 78.15.0 esr

An update of Firefox 91.1.2 esr and Firefox 78.15.0 esr with one year of long-term support with the same fixed vulnerabilities has also been provided respectively.

The new Firefox and the ESR variants can be downloaded from this website for various platforms (choose the variant from the list boxes shown). via


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