Encryption solution Boxcryptor purchased from Dropbox

[English]German encryption service Boxcryptor is taken over by Dropbox. New customers are already no longer being accepted – so the service should also be finished as an "encryptor" for cloud uploads.


What is Boxcryptor?

Boxcryptor is a file encryption software and is used in particular for synchronization with a variety of cloud storage. Boxcryptor was first released on the Dropbox forum on August 5, 2011. After over 1,000 downloads within a week, the startup came up with the idea. The software was then offered by Secomba GmbH as a freemium solution – free for private use – companies had to take out a subscription, but were provided with additional features such as two-factor authentication in return.

Dropbox acquires Boxcryptor

On November 29, 2022, Secomba GmbH announced the sale of Boxcryptor to the US provider Dropbox. The US company Dropbox has bought the technology and intellectual property of Boxcryptor, but not Secomba GmbH. The aim of the purchase by Dropbox (according to this Dropbox announcement) is to offer the file encryption for paid contracts with business customers in the future. The encryption service Boxcryptor is already no longer accepting new customers due to the sale. However, existing contracts will probably continue until the end of the contract.

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