Exchange Reporter 3.12 available

Exchange Logo[German]Brief note for Exchange administrators. Probably administrators of Microsoft Exchange (on-premises) installations know the Exchange Reporter by Frank Zöchling. The tool generates statistics for a Microsoft Exchange Server and outputs them as a report. Frank Zöchling released Exchange Reporter version 3.12 yesterday, January 3, 2023.


Exchange Reporter is a collection of PowerShell scripts that can generate reports and statistics for Microsoft Exchange installations. According to Frank's German article here, Reporter is compatible with Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and requires PowerShell at least version 4. Frank describes Reporter's features as follows (translated):

  • Number of sent mails per weekday
  • Number of received mails per weekday
  • Received/sent mails per weekday
  • Volume of sent mails per weekday
  • Volume of received mails per weekday
  • Volume of received/sent mails per weekday
  • Average number of mails per mailbox
  • Average volume per mailbox
  • Average size of a mail
  • Top 10 recipients
  • Top 10 senders
  • Top 10 recipients (volume)
  • Top 10 senders (volume)
  • Mailboxes with redirections or forwardings configured by users
  • Mailboxes with redirects or forwards configured on the Exchange Server
  • Free and used space on all volumes of all Exchange Servers and Domain Controllers
  • Size of databases
  • DAG Overview
  • The 10 largest mailboxes
  • Inactive ActiveSync devices
  • Active ActiveSync devices
  • Exchange version numbers and role distribution of all Exchange servers
  • Date of last full database backup
  • Report about mailboxes that are close to the send limit (also mailbox and database limit)
  • Notification about new reporter version
  • Overview of IIS certificates of Exchange servers
  • Exchange errors in EventLog
  • Operating system information of Exchange Server (version and service pack)
  • Overview of offline address books
  • Windows Update report
  • Overview of VMs (snapshots, datastore) in VMware environments
  • F5 BigIP LTM support
  • Kemp Loadmaster support
  • Overview of ActiveSync and Outlook clients
  • Overview of certification authority
  • Public folder statistics
  • Overview of unused distribution lists
  • Overview of dynamic distribution groups
  • Overview of hardware status of HP servers
  • Overview of Cisco Ironport (ESA)
  • Overview mailbox permissions
  • Display of separated mailboxes
  • Display of Exchange back pressure events
  • Support for Office 365
  • Query of 78 blacklists, if own IP is listed
  • Check MX records with connection test
  • Support for DMARC
  • Evaluation of Exchange audit logs
  • Support for PRTG, POPcon and Sophos UTM
  • Integration of the Qualsys SSL Labs report
  • Upload of the report also possible via FTP
  • Support for NoSpamProxy
  • Exchange Health Checker report also available in Exchange Reporter
  • Exchange Emergency Mitigation Report

I became aware of Frank's recent announcement on Twitter about the update of Exchange Reporter to version 3.12.

Exchange Reporter 3.12

According to this German article by Frank, the following bug fixes were fixed in version 3.11 – but version 3.12 is already available for download:

  • PDF Report: Images are now included in the PDF as well
  • dagreport: Index status was displayed incorrectly with Exchange 2019
  • addsinfo: Small bug fixed

Exchange Reporter 3.12 is available for free download on this page (in German). The ZIP archive of about 2 MByte contains all scripts as well as detailed instructions for installation and usage in form of PDF manuals (German, English).


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