Microsoft Office Updates (January 3, 2023)

[German]As of January 3, 2023 (first Tuesday of the month), Microsoft has released non-security updates for still-supported versions of Microsoft Office. This month, there are only updates for Microsoft Office 2016, fixing crash errors in Access ODBC accesses and in OLEDB accesses to Sharepoint. Microsoft Office 2013 has not received any updates. Here's a brief overview of the updates.


The updates apply to the installable MSI version of Office and are delivered via Windows Update. Click-to-run packages will receive the updates through other channels. For this reason, Office 2019 no longer appears in the list below, where only click-to-run installers are available. Microsoft lists the updates on this page.

Office 2016

The packages are distributed automatically via Windows Update, but can also be downloaded and installed manually via the linked KB articles. This time there were only the following updates:

  • Update for Microsoft Office 2016 (KB5002293): Fixes an Access crash problem with the ODBC driver; If the Microsoft Access database engine is used as ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) driver, the library ACEODBC.DLL can be called despite unloading. This bug causes the calling process to terminate. This update prevents ACEODBC.DLL from being unloaded while it is still in use.
  • Update for Microsoft Office 2016 (KB5002244): This update fixes an issue that causes custom applications to crash when Object Linking and Embedding, Database (OLEDB) is used to connect to Microsoft Access databases that contain links to SharePoint lists.

The updates are provided automatically via Windows Update, but can also be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center and installed manually. The download addresses can be found in the linked KB article. Office 2016 is out of mainstream support on October 13, 2020, but will still receive security updates until October 14, 2025. Details and instructions for downloading and installing the updates can be found in the linked KB articles.

Office 2013

This version of Office will continue to receive security updates until April 2023. There was no update package this month.

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