Microsoft Office: End of Life dates and feature drops in 2023

[German]There will be some changes for Microsoft Office users in 2023. For example, Microsoft Office 2013 will reach the end of support and access to Microsoft online services will no longer be supported in Office 2016/2019. Furthermore, features in mobile versions of Office are likely to be dropped at the end of 2022. And there are innovations at the beginning of 2023 in Office 365. Here is a brief overview of these topics.


Office mobile: dropped features

In the mobile apps of Microsoft Office, Microsoft already announced two functions in November 2022 that were to be dropped by the end of 2022.

  • Transfer Files: A tech community post Transfer Files will be retired from Office Mobile dated Nov. 14, 2022, states that the "Transfer Files" feature will be eliminated as of Dec. 31, 2022. Transfer Files will be handled by OneDrive in the future.
  • Share Nearby: The second feature dropped from Office mobile apps is "Share Nearby." According to the Techcommunity post Share Nearby will be retired from Office Mobile, this feature is also discontinued in Android Office apps as of Dec. 31, 2022.

By now, both features should have already been removed from the mobile apps for Android and/or iOS or will disappear in the coming days. (via)

Office 2016/2019: Microsoft 365 access end in October

Furthermore, I would like to remind you that from October 2023, support for access to Microsoft 365 services from Microsoft Office 2016 and Microsoft Office 2019 will end. Microsoft writes about this:

Importantly, Office 2016 & 2019 won't be supported for connecting to Microsoft 365 services, including Exchange Online, starting Oct 2023.

This means that you can expect problems from October 2023 if Microsoft Office 2016 and Microsoft Office 2019 are in use and services from Microsoft 365 including Exchange Online are used. I had addressed this in the blog post Office 2016/2019 will lose access to Microsoft 365 starting October 2023. This pushes users of these Office versions more or less to Microsoft 365 subscriptions (includes Office modules, after all). Or they are have to upgrade to Microsoft Office LTSC 2021, where this access is supported until October 2026.

Microsoft Office 2016, according to this Microsoft page, has fallen out of mainstream support on October 13, 2020, but still gets security fixes in Extended Support until October 14, 2025. For Office 2019, this Microsoft page states that mainstream support ends on October 10, 2023, but Extended Support also runs until October 14, 2025.

Office 2013 support ends in April

For users of Microsoft Office 2013, Extended Support will end on April 11, 2023, which is the last date that this Office version will receive security updates for the Office modules. After the deadline, Microsoft will also no longer provide technical support. Microsoft Office 2013 will, of course, continue to work beyond this date.


However, according to this comment in the blog, there seem to be problems with the activation of Microsoft Office 2013.

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3 Responses to Microsoft Office: End of Life dates and feature drops in 2023

  1. John Peschier says:

    Hallo, im ersten Absatz ist ein Fehler.
    Office 2015/2019.
    Ich lese deine Beiträge immer sehr gerne.
    Grüße aus den Niederlanden

  2. AIM says:

    To add to the discussion, this article says that Microsoft won't be cutting off access for the older versions of Office. But as both versions will be out of mainstream support after October 2023 (2016 is already out of mainstream support), if a change is made that breaks access to Microsoft 365 services, you'll likely be out of luck.

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