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Windows[German]It is a strange story that a user reported and probably also documented. Because he could not activate an official Windows 10 Pro license purchased from Microsoft with the included product key, he contacted the manufacturer's support. He was not successful either, but then resorted to unusual means that are only known from the cracker scene.


In order to use a Windows 10 or Windows 11, users need a valid product key to be entered. With a valid product key, Windows should then be able to be officially activated. However, there are different key circles for the distribution channels, ranging from OEM to volume licensing to retail licenses for consumers. In the current case, we are talking about a Windows license for consumers.

Product key from store didn't work

A user with the Twitter alias TCNO/TroubleChute from South Africa works as a freelancer and programmer who also publishes video guides on YouTube. According to TroubleChute, he had bought a license including a product key for Windows 10 Pro in the Microsoft Store. These licenses cost over 200 euros (see my old post Windows 10: Prices confirmed. In the meantime, this is history, since Microsoft has stopped selling Windows 10 licenses to end customers (see Microsoft will stop Windows 10 perpetual license sales to consumers by Jan. 31, 2023).

So this was not one of the "used licenses" offered in numerous stores, which are always good for trouble. When TroubleChute tried to activate the Windows 10 Pro license officially purchased from Microsoft using the product key, however, he failed. The activation was denied. What does a user do in this situation? He calls Microsoft's product support – and the way I know it is that the supporters can activate the product or provide people with a replacement key that can be activated.

Support uses activation crack

The Microsoft supporter asked to access the user's system via remote help (Quick Assist), which the user allowed. But the supporter also failed to activate the system with the purchased product key. To the user's surprise, the supporter then resorted to an unusual means and ran a PowerShell script, which in turn ran an activation script from a known website (

Windows 10 Aktivierungs-Crack durch Microsoft


The activation script was executed locally and activated Windows 10 Pro. The person affected documented it with two photos on Twitter. I've pulled out an enlarged portion of the left screenshot where the crack is downloaded to bypass the 0x803F7001 activation error when upgrading to Windows 10 Pro.

Get Activation Crack-Script

Then, in the next photo, you can see the activation script for the crack in an administrative prompt.

Activation Methods

At the end of the day, the affected person's system was activated – Microsoft Support was able to close the case, but questions remained unanswered for the customer. What do you do in such a case? The affected person contacted the developer of the crack script on Discord, and get even more amazed.

The developers confirmed that the crack was not official and also not legal. It is now the second case where Microsoft support used this "unconventional" way to activate a Windows with a non-functioning valid product key.

The affected person has since contacted Bleeping Computer, which took up the issue here. Bleeping Computer then contacted Microsoft for comment, as this is not only illegal, but also carries risks of catching some malware when cracking. The Microsoft spokesperson's response was:

We strive to provide best-in-class support for our customers. The technique you described would be against our policy. We are investigating this occurrence and will take appropriate steps to ensure proper procedures are followed regarding customer support for our products and services.

The case still amazes me – it looks like there was a service provider using an "unconventional solution" on behalf of Microsoft to get a support case off the table. (via Golem)

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