NoSpamProxy version 14.0.5 released – update!

[German]Short note for users who use NoSpamProxy to filter mails. The developers have released version 14.0.5 – those who still have an older version installed should update. The background is that the provider Cyren discontinues its services.


In the blog post Security provider Cyren goes into liquidation – NoSpamProxy and several other vendors affected I had pointed out that the provider Cyren is in economic trouble and will be liquidated. The relevant services of the provider will be discontinued.

Vendor NoSpamProxy have had announed release a customized version 14.0.5, which does not rely on these services.

Now Stefan has reported within this comment (thanks), that a customized NoSpamProxy version 14.0.5 has been released. This version no longer depends on the Cyren services. The corresponding information can be found in this blog post. It states there:

The new NoSpamProxy version 14.0.5 is available now. This version is no longer dependent on Cyren components. The new "Core Antispam Engine" replaces the previous filters "Cyren AntiSpam" and "Cyren IP Reputation". Furthermore, in the "Malware Scanner Action" we have replaced the "Cyren AntiVirus Service" with the "Integrated Malware Scanner".

The new components are based on our own technology as well as on components from a new, established partner. All in all, this results in even better detection quality. In the properties of the Spam URI Realtime Blocklists filter, the corresponding entry for Cyren has also been removed.

The sandbox option will not be usable for a short transitional period; however, we are in intensive talks with new suppliers and will close this gap promptly as well.

You can find comprehensive documentation on the update to the latest version in our online documentation. We have also created a video with preparatory measures for the update to version 14 and published it here.

In addition to the changes in the gateway, we have also been able to significantly increase the detection quality of 32Guards once again. With NoSpamProxy version 13.2 and higher, 32Guards is already usable in the form of the "Project Heimdall" filter. However, the full detection performance is only available with the update to version 14.

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