Firefox 112.0.2: Fix for Memory Leak

Mozilla[German]The Mozilla developers have probably corrected the bug in Firefox 112.0.1, which led to high memory consumption with version 112.0.2. As of April 25, 2023, the maintenance update to version 112.0.2 has been released, which is supposed to fix the bug.


Techdows had reported in this post a few days ago that Firefox 112.0 was using an extremely large amount of memory and could probably have a memory leak. I had seen that in this tweet, but had not addressed it here on the blog. Martin Brinkmann had then reported in that tweet and in this article that the Mozilla developers had confirmed the memory leak.

Firefox 112.0.2

Now the developers have released Firefox 112.0.2, which, according to the release notes, brings the fixes listed below on April 25, 2023.

  • Fixes a high memory usage issue with animated images in minimized (or completely covered) windows, especially when using animated themes (bug 1828587).
  • Fixes an issue where Linux users with bitmap fonts installed may have had entire sections of text invisible to them on some sites (bug 1827950).
  • Fixes an issue where web notifications with images were not displaying for Windows 8 users (bug 1822817).

So the memory leak on Windows has been fixed. Firefox should update itself automatically, but can be downloaded from this website for various platforms (the variant is to be selected via the list boxes displayed).

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3 Responses to Firefox 112.0.2: Fix for Memory Leak

  1. P.D. says:

    Thanks for the details…which, for some bizarre reason (cough-cough) are not given in the restart-splash screen once one installs the update. It just goes to your Home page.

    C'mon, Mozilla, you're usually not shy about "What's New" when we update… ;)

  2. The world needs another open-source browser says:

    Let me correct you. Firefox, at least on Linux-based systems, did nothing of the sort. This problem, and it is a very substantial one that causes a system to freeze at worst, and at best a loss of all browser tabs, is still very much present.

    Firefox has become a massive impairment to one's productivity. A liability.

    Instead of pushing rushed-out code and unstable releases in a small number of days, like they have in the past, I STRONGLY suggest to Firefox development that it works on the stability of its browser as the primary objective instead of this current rendition that is functionally dysfunctional.

  3. Andre says:

    Well, I am using it now and I can tell you that the memory leak is there, nothing has been solved. Using only 6 tabs, alixexpress, youtube, chatgpt and others and the memory usage was around 1.8gb in 20 execs hanging. A small program called wise memory optimizer was run as a test. And from the 1.8gb (from 8gb) drained by firefox it dropped to 300mb, even with the 20 firefoxer execs open. I tested all tabs and ok, no crashes.
    I conclude that firefox is terrible at memory management, it seems there is no interest in resource optimizations by the developers. Windows is not the problem! It is firefox! It is useless to cover the sun with a sieve reducing tabs, extensions, configs, restart the PC, this is outsourcing responsibility.

    going back to google chrome.

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