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Gesundheit (Pexels, frei verwendbar)How will or can generative AI find its use in the medical field and what are the potentials as well as risks with this technology? In the USA, scientists are also dealing with this topic. Among them is the dean of the Stanford University School of Medicine, who makes some interesting statements on this topic in an interview. Is the breakthrough of generative AI in the medical field imminent? Not at all, is the statement.


Back in 2018, I had an reported in articles about Skin Cancer Screening using AI & Dr. Computer with better results as can be archived by the Doctor. The article shined a spotlight on the topic. Now we are five years down the road and I have yet to hear from a break throught and that the technology is really being widely used in medicine.

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At Stanford University, too, physicians are addressing questions about how generative AI (ChatGPT, Bard, etc.) could be profitably used in medicine. Dr. Lloyd Minor, Dean of the Stanford University School of Medicine, did an interview with the Wallstreet Journal about the role of "AI approaches" in medicine. Here are some key points from that interview:

  • The man dreams that generative AI in healthcare will help break down barriers to access and dramatically improve the quality, consistency and efficiency of healthcare.
  • However, he also sees that the technology can be significantly invasive of privacy if used improperly and harmful due to a lack of training data.

Surveys in the U.S. show that the public today is very skeptical of the use of AI, and especially the use of AI in healthcare. The statement, "If AI is used responsibly in healthcare, in ten years we will see the benefits to society and individuals in a way that people will have concerns but will be excited about the change in their health.

That's a lot more cautious than what Microsoft marketers are trying to sell us with their solutions like CoPilot.


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