Firefox 122.0.1

Mozilla[German]On February 6, 2024, the Mozilla developers released the update of Firefox Firefox 122.0.1. It is a maintenance update that fixes some bugs.


The release notes list the following bug fixes for Firefox 122.0.1.

  • Fixed an issue where only icons for containers with multiple accounts are displayed in the context menus of the library and sidebar in the "Open in new container tab" menu.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the "Exit" button in notification pop-ups on Windows caused a web page to open in a new tab.
  • The yaru-remix system theme was not applied correctly on Linux.
  • An additional new line was added to a rule in the developer tools inspector when it was copied to the clipboard.
  • Reverted a change in keyboard behavior in the Rules view of the Developer Tools when a property name or input is validated with the Enter key. This will move the focus to the next input, as was the case in Firefox 121.

Firefox should update itself automatically, but can be downloaded from this website for various platforms (the variant can be selected via the list fields displayed). (via)

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7 Responses to Firefox 122.0.1

  1. bugapi says:

    Firefox has updated to 122.0.1 this morning and no-longer works on Ubuntu 14.04:

    XPCOMGlueLoad error for file ./firefox/
    ./firefox/ undefined symbol: gdk_window_show_window_menu
    Couldn't load XPCOM.

  2. JL says:

    The same for me, also for Firefox 123.

  3. maurobit says:

    I have a same issue in Kubuntu 14.04_amd64 since the end of February, i have could not to fix it. I used a new installation, a new profile, i tried a i386 version, i reinstalled libdbus-glib-1-2, i updated manually libglib2.0 to 2.42.2 (for Software Requirements). Until a month ago, everything was well.

    • maurobit says:

      P.D.: It don't possible to update Kubuntu, also i try to start in Safe Mode. The 110.0.1 version works, but i would to use updated Firefox .

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  5. Diver says:

    Here's a workaround. Create stub.c file next to firefox binary and put the following code:

    void gdk_window_show_window_menu(void) {}

    Compile it like this:
    cc -shared -o stub.c -fPIC

    Run it:
    LD_PRELOAD=./ ./firefox

    • soger says:

      I've tried to apply your workaround, however I suppose you copied and pasted the code and it contained angle brackets after #include, which are not shown, so the code doesn't compile.

      • Anonymous says:

        Try the following code with stdio.h between angle brackets:

        void gdk_window_show_window_menu(void) {}

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