Windows 10: Microsoft shows new annoying pop-up to upgrade to Windows 11

Windows[German]Somehow Microsoft doesn't seem to be happy with the response from users who are voluntarily upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11. I've come across a new report that Microsoft is annoying Windows 10 users with Windows 11-compatible hardware with a series of redesigned pop-up windows asking them to upgrade to Windows 11.


I have no idea whether this is also displayed to German Windows 10 users – I haven't seen it on my notebook yet. But Windows Lastest points out these new annoying pop-ups in the following tweet from February 5, 2024.

Upgrade-Aufforderung auf Windows 11

In four consecutive pop-up windows, Microsoft explains to the baffled Windows 10 user that they are happy to offer a free upgrade to Windows 11 for the computer in question. The (false) promise: "You can continue to use your computer while the new system installs in the background and it won't take up much space."

On other screens, Microsoft "promise the blue from the sky" to naive users  – look at the color of the pop-ups (I wonder if their designer knew the saying "promise the blue from the sky"?). In any case, further pop-ups – an enlarged version of which is available in this article – promise a "smooth transition" when switching to Windows 11. Data is transferred seamlessly and the user interface is easy to use, they say.

On the third screen, Windows 11 is touted like sour beer as an exciting upgrade with an updated look, improved security and faster performance. It's user-friendly and improves productivity and the entertainment experience, people are told, only to admit that some Windows 10 features may not be available in Windows 11.


Finally, Microsoft informs people that they have the option of staying with Windows 10. But users are reminded that they can upgrade to Windows 11 for free. What a fuss – the author of Windows Latest reminds users to stay with Windows 10 anyway. Statcounter puts the share of Windows 10 on desktop systems at 66.43% at the end of January 2024, while Windows 11 is hovering at 27.82%. Windows 11 was released in fall 2021 and can be updated free of charge from Windows 10 machines (if they are compatible).

Kind of looks like "voting with your feet" to me – doesn't it? After I've published the German edition of this article, I received feedback from several users, who observed the same – some on systems not compatible with Windows 11!

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