FSLogix 2210 Hotfix 4 announced for 14. May 2024

Update[German]An  update to FSLogix 2210 Hotfix 4 is scheduled for mid-May 2024. This update should raise hopes among administrators who have been struggling with problems with the new Microsoft Teams and possibly also Citrix VDI. In accordance with Microsoft's "Patch Tuesday" calendar, FSLogix 2210 Hotfix 4 will be available for download on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, and will also be pre-installed on Windows 10 and Windows 11 multi-session Azure images.


I came across the announcement of the update to FSLogix 2210 hotfix 4 a few days ago on Twitter via various tweets. For example, below is the FSLogix tweet by Carl Stalhood, which links to the tech community post Announcing release date for FSLogix 2210 hotfix 4 by Jason Parker.

 FSLogix 2210 Hotfix 4

Issues with new Teams client addressed

In the Techcommunity article, Jason Parker writes that even before the release of FSLogix 2201 Hotfix 3, considerable efforts had been made to identify, replicate and resolve the numerous problems that arose during the transition to the new Microsoft Teams. Parker believes it is unlikely that every conceivable problem was anticipated.

He believes (and administrators hope) that FSLogix 2210 Hotfix 4 is a "thorough update" that is suitable for most environments – and will, of course, resolve most of the issues associated with new Microsoft Teams. This hotfix, along with the Hotfix 3 updates, addresses a variety of issues related to the new Microsoft Teams, according to Microsoft.

  • According to Microsoft, the crashes of the new Teams 2.0 client, which could not be started under Windows Server 2019, have been fixed.
  • The startup errors "The parameter is incorrect" and "Invalid function" of the new Teams 2.0 client are also said to have been fixed

In the tech community post, the developers list some other fixed issues related to Windows Server 2019 and AppX applications and problems with the new Teams client. The developers have probably involved 30 customers and partners in a validation process to address the issues.


New features and VDI issues

Jason Parker mentions that a previously released and highly requested feature, "Asynchronous Group Policy Processing", is being reintroduced. Hotfix 4 also fixes a bug that caused user-based Group Policy settings to remain in the user's profile after the policy setting was removed or set to disabled. In addition, group policies can now be processed asynchronously for users during logon.

Further new features are listed in the article. In the German blog post N Neuer Teams 2.0-Client hängt bei Virtual Desktops/Windows 365, I reported on known issues with the new Teams 2.0 client. Whether the problems with Citrix VDI were also addressed there, I cannot say. On X someone asked whether Hotfix 4 had solved the problem of non-persistent VDI startup. The answer is that the developers had conducted extensive tests with various customers, both persistent and non-persistent. Quote: All results were successful in the cases where FSLogix was involved.

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