Windows 10 Build 10130 stalls with error 0x80246017

[German]Microsoft has released last night Windows 10 Build 10130 for Windows Insiders in Fast ring, but only as an update for Build 10122 (no ISO files available so far). Some users are experiencing an error 0x80246017 during upgrade from Build 10122.


Error 0x80246017 is well known

Error 0x80246017 is well known from previous Windows 10 builds and the Web knows serveral fixes and workarounds (see here and here). But it seems, that none of these workaround will help in Build 10130. This Microsoft Technet forum entry describes the problem, but there is no solution. Also this thread in US-Answers forum entry contains a few hints to overcome the 0x80246017 Upgrade error. But none of these hints seems to work. A better hint may be found within this MS-Answers forum thread.

The Upgrade error is described as "Error 0x80246017/start up service missing or is corrupt". This indicates that something within the installed Windows 10 Build is broken (although my impression is, that the issue could also be caused by Microsoft's Update servers). Till now, no solution is known so far.

How to overcome error 0x80246017?

Some users are reporting, that repeating the Upgrade attempt from Build 10074 or 10122 to Build 10130 with restarting Windows several times finally works. Sometimes it seems "waiting a bit" helps (an indication that my theory, that the issue is caused on Microsoft's side, is true).

I don't have had this error – but I read in one German forum, that the log entries left in Windows 10 event logs indicating a "connectivity problem" and "trouble, connecting to WU". Also insider service is answering on a sporadic base. If no third party internet security suite is present, the error also indicates "the issue is on Microsoft's side").


Another user has managed to upgrade using the following approach:

  1. Create a clean install from Windows 10 Build 10074, upgrade to Build 10122.
  2. Switching Build 10122 to slow ring and downloading/installing all updates.
  3. Use cleanmgr.exe, open an administrative command window and process the command
    rundll32.exe pnpclean.dll,RunDLL_PnpClean /DRIVERS /MAXCLEAN
  4. Switch upgrade mode to Fast ring, reboot Windows and try again upgrading to Build 10130.

Other users solved the error 0x80246017 issue installing Build 10122 fresh from an ISO, switch to Fast ring and try to upgrade to Build 10130.

Try these inofficial ISOs

Well, Microsoft hasn't released official ISO files of Windows 10 Build 10130 (this may be in near future). But some testers has managed to extract the .ESD download files from Build 10130. The download links may be found at this german source.

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