How to repair Windows Performance Monitor

Windows provides a Performance Monitor to analyze some system parameters like CPU load, Memory usage or other parameters. But what's, if Performance Monitor is broken? This blog post discusses, how to repair perfmon.


You can use perfmon in Windows 7 up to Windows 10 – either via Windows GUI (enter perform and select Performance Monitor – or opens a command prompt and enter

perfmon /report
perfmon /rel

or similar commands (see). In some cases perfmon refuses to create a report, due to corrupted registry entries or too much log entries. In this cases perfmon can't add counters to the performance report or doesn't show reliable results. It's time to repair perfmon.

  1. Open a command prompt windows with administrator credentials (for instance type cmd in search box and press Strg+Shift+Enter (or use context menu item run as administrator) and confirm UAC.
  2. Enter the command lodctr /r and press Enter.

The tool lodctr is available to repair perfmon. It tries to repair broken registry entries. Try to run perfmon afterward.

Delete log files in PerfLog folder

In some cases too much log file entries may cause a perfmon failure. Then fire up explorer.exe and navigate to folder:



Delete all log file entries found within this folder (requires administrator rights) – see this MS Answers post. Hope this helps to fix perfmon issues.

Performance Monitor Tips and Tricks

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9 Responses to How to repair Windows Performance Monitor

  1. Yasar Kuzucu says:


    I can find the absolute, correct and reliable solutions only on your web-site. And they certainly work. Thank you for the info to repair perfmon.exe. It worked once more.

    Thank you.

    Yasar Kuzucu

  2. Anthony says:

    "Error: Unable to rebuild performance counter setting from system backup store, error code is 2."

    Now what?

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  5. shaun says:

    I am not savvy with perfmon or fixing it, any suggestions besides go pay a pc repair shops fee?

  6. Ragnorok says:

    I got the error code 2 doing system32; if I do wow64 first, then system32, it claims to work. It does improve things but still not .net counters.

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