Windows 10: Update error 0x800705B4

[German edition]Some users are facing error 0x800705B4 during update install in Windows 10. There isn't a single reason for this error – so I like to dive into the details.


This blog post was inspired from several user queries found in German Microsoft-Answers forum. Some users are reporting update error 0x800705B4 on Windows 10. The problem: updates can't be blocked in Windows 10 (in an easy manner). Here are a few tips how to cure update error 0x800705B4.

What Microsoft writes about update error 0x800705B4

Microsoft has published this KB article about update error 0x800705B4 (but for Windows 7). The article suggest to unplug all non-essential devices, such as webcams, game controllers, and printers, unless the update is for one of these devices, and then run Windows update again. The reason behind this tip: In some cases a broken (graphics) driver causes this error.

A modified approach for Windows 10

Searching the web, I found this site, proposing a workaround that should avoid update error 0x800705B4 in Windows 10.



1. Go to the Settings app, navigate to Update & security and click on Advanced options.


2. Clear the option Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows.

Then restart your Windows 10 system and try to search for updates. The option Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows unchecked in the steps above avoids to update drivers. After all updates has been installed, repeat the steps given above and select the option Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows to get updates for other Microsoft products. Afterward, you should be able to search for further updates without receiving error 0x800705B4 in Windows 10.

Antivirus system as root cause

Sometimes third party antivirus products (or Windows Defender) are the root cause for update error 0x800705B4. So uninstall all third party antivirus products and run a clean tool provided by AV vendor (to remove all files/settings left from install). During writing this blog post, a user informed me via e-mail, that Norton Internet Security was the root cause for his update error 0x800705B4 in Windows 10. Some users are also reporting, that temporarily deactivating Windows Defender helps.

Re-launch Windows Update service

If the steps given above doesn't help, it could be an option to stop and re-start Windows Update services. Open an administrative command prompt window (press Windows+X and select Command prompt (administrator). Then enter the commands below:

net stop wuauserv
net start wuauserv

Also a clean boot (as described here) and try to let Windows Update search for updates may help. 

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