Internet Explorer 11: Hide search box

[German]Microsoft also provided updates for Internet Explorer 11 on the patch day ( September 12, 2017). As a result, the tab bar is now shown below the address field – and there is a search box shown again.


The screen shot below shows what has changed. The upper part shows the old design befor September 2017 update. All tabs are shown right of the address bar.


After September 2017 IE11 update, the open tabs are suddenly displayed below the address bar. And the old search box is back, and will be shown right from the address bar (lower part of the above screenshot).

When I started Internet Explorer 11 for the first time after the update (in Windows 7), I got the following popup (German) informing me about the change.

Popup im IE 11 mit Registerkarten-Meldung


At a first glace I didn't understand what that does mean (a surprise from Microsoft). I booted an old virtual machine with Windows 7 and compared the IE behavior.


Then I right click a tab and found the command Show tabs on a separate row, that switches between the two designs shown in the first screenshot of this article. Later on, I found the article How to disable or hide the search box in Internet Explorer 11's navigation bar. But I can't understand, why Microsoft is changing the IE 11 GUI?

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