VLC 3.0 will support Chromcast

vlcCurrently we still have VLC 2.1.5 video player (with some security holes). But the team around the Video-LAN project are working on VLC 3.0 video player. And it seems, that version 3.0 will come with Chromecast support.


VLC developers has published a really long changelog at GitHub, discussing all changes betweet VLC 2.x and VLC 3.x.  In line 60 there is:

59: Stream Output:
60: * Chromecast output module

So it seems, that we may use VLC player on any capable device to stream media files to a Chromecast HDMI receiver. The questions are: When will we get VLC 3.0? Will it support Chromecast on all platforms? And will Apple drop VLC app for iOS again? (via)

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