Extraordinary Windows patch KB3006137

win7Yesterday Microsoft has released an extraordinary update KB3006137 for Windows. I got it this morning on my Windows 7 machine and also on a Windows 8.1 test system.


After having a look at the update description of KB3006137, I was a bit concerned. The patch should fix issues in Windows, and a "whole list of fixed issues" was announced.

But after having a closer look at update KB3006137 description, it's just a fix for the missing Euro currency symbol in Windows for Lithuia. It's a bit funny, because Lithuia already has the Euro currency since Januar 1 2015, but the extraordinary update was delivered February 24 2014. Anyway, the update is recommended and requires a reboot after install.

Here I haven't observed install issues. But some readers of my German blog claims performance issues and a missing network connection after installing this patch. Another user reported a skype malfunction after installing this update. But I'm not sure how reliable these comments are – maybe third party internet security suites are involved.

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7 Responses to Extraordinary Windows patch KB3006137

  1. Angel G. says:

    I have been having problems since the moment I installed it!
    webpages run sooo slow, and I have to try several times to load them.
    I thought it was the Internet connection!

    • guenni says:

      @Mohan and @Angel: Also in my German blog some users has posted complains about slow network, slows system and even more. My assumption: Maybe third party internet security suites are involved? Could this be the issue on your systems?

  2. Mohan says:

    After installing this update on Windows 8 system, the currency name of mentioned state changes and network connections slows down, but am not sure whether it is due to this update or slowing down of speed might be from network provider.

  3. jonathan says:

    what ever it is that description wrong Crashed my system. Euro currency symbol in Windows for Lithuia is ether bs or wrong. I came here after my third crash. I not saying get the tin foil hats but I am saying its not what MS claim and its getting uninstalled. Wow MS lied.. Or wrong how hard to believe.
    I have Ultimate 7 64 bit. And I am p#SSED. I also have all Language packs hidden not installed. So what the#### is Creeping on my system???

    • guenni says:

      Don't know what's on your system. I've patched several systems without any trouble. But some of my German blog readers also reported serious issues. But I have no clue, what's behind this patch.

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  5. Paul says:

    Removed, my Vista Home premium keeps freezing when KB3006137 installed. AND only been freezing since loaded !!!!. removed, system fine.

  6. Sampath Sundar says:

    I have windows update (Windows 8.1) set to automatic. Loads of problems after this update was installed (which I did not realise initially). Stated with 2 kernel security messages followed by a blue screen and restart. Then Word, Outlook and Firefox crashed on start up. Only charge in the system since previous shutdown was this update. Uninstalled this update and all issues fixed and none after that. I have now turned off automatic updates.

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