Windows 10 Version 1511: Cumulative Update KB3118754 Summary

[German]Microsoft has released yesterday another cumulative Update KB3118754 for Windows 10 Version 15 11. Here are a short summary, what I've found out so far.


Update KB3118754 and finally some details?

I read recently that Microsoft promised to release more details about Windows updates. This time, it seems, that Microsoft made it – if you start your Windows-System, in Settings app you will be informed under Windows Update about update KB3118754.

Also the Details link promise further information about the pending update.

And yes, Microsoft managed it, to provide a Knowlege Base article KB3118754 (Cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1511: November 18, 2015) in time. Here are the details in its full glory:


This update includes improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10 Version 1511.

Installing the update requires a restart, and if you install language packs, Cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1511: November 18, 2015 has to be reinstalled. tl;dr;

Tip: For people who like to get more into details – here is a CSV file with a detailed list, what has been changed.

Some additions from me …

After installing this update, Windows 10 (winver command) reports Build 10586.11.

Some users commented in my German blog, that Cumulative Update KB3118754 re-installs uninstalled Microsoft-Apps again. Also file type associations will be reset to Microsofts defaults (e.g. PDF is redirected to Edge). This thread has some further details:

  • minor UI changes
  • Edge performance improvements and fixes (including but not limited to these areas: F12 tools, Reading lists, Favorites, Cortana)
  • Settings app, Cortana and Windows Hello changes (most likely minor bug fixes)

Switching Edge to dark mode results (in some scenarios) to hidden buttons in the title bar to close, maximize or minimize a window.

The discussion at leads to the conclusion, that it depends on color schemes. Here are other observations postet at

Just upgraded on my laptop with an SSD. The update took about an hour and when it finished there was major lag for about 5 minutes after you get to your desktop, so watch out. Also, the default programs might have to be reset, as I had to make chrome my default browser again. I'll update with things I find.

Edit #1: settings loading screen retextured

Edit #2: mouse texture settings set (none), I had to change it back to the default scheme.

Edit #3: Minor UI bug. The color for the top bar is the same for your windows color, (like the task bar). For example, when the top bar for dile exploror was white, it is now dark gray, my taskbar color.

Hell, a BlueScreen and a bricked system

My system was able to install update  KB3118754 flawless. But at I found a comment:

For whatever reason this update corrupted my installation on my old HP Envy laptop. I had to reset Windows and even after doing that the update failed to install correctly. It worked the second time but good thing this wasn't my primary laptop. Edit – on boot windows said the updates failed to install.

Also blog reader Paul sent me a mail this morning with a nice screenshot:

Paul runs with each Windows 10 update into a BlueScreen PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA. BluescreenViewer indicates FLTMGR.sys as a root cause. I've had addressed it in my German blog post Windows-BlueScreen: BAD_POOL_CALLER-Troubleshooting – Teil II. In most cases, third party AV software is the show stopper. But to find the faulty driver requires a Windows Debugger analysis.

The file FLTMGR.sys is responsible for filtering in Windows. You can open an administrative command prompt and use the command Fltmc.exe to list all loaded filters.

Maybe it gives a further hint, what went wrong. Here are additional observations about Windows 10 update KB3118754 from users at Someone mentioned, that the Build numbers between Windows 10 V 1511 and Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586 (released this night) are identically. If you have further additions or observations, feel free to left a comment.

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