Dell’s Superfish 2: Devices shipped with cloneable Root certificate

Bad news for Dell customes – this vendor has shipped an unsecure, self signed root CA certifcate (eDellRoot) on new Dell desktop and tablet devices. The odd thing: This certificate may be used to sign own certificates and decrypt https-data.


The first note about that incident came at in a thread Dell ships laptops with rogue root CA, exactly like what happened with Lenovo and Superfish. Then has published an article Dell does a Superfish, ships PCs with easily cloneable root certificates covering this issue.

Dell users can run a shot test on this site to check, whether the eDellRoot certificate is installed. And if this eDellRoot certificate is present, download and execute the eDellRootCertFix.exe removal tool issed by Dell.

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One Response to Dell’s Superfish 2: Devices shipped with cloneable Root certificate

  1. Günter Born says:

    In Dell's statement about eDellRoot a user adds a comment with the following question:

    What about the equally problematic DSDTestProvider root certificate that seems to have been installed by Dell System Detect on my XPS 13? It has the same properties as eDellRoot & also includes a private key …

    So there is a 2nd root certifcate DSDTestProvider shipped with "Dell System Detect" tool, Using this German site tests whether both certificates are installed on a system.

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