Virtual PC 2007 blocks Windows 10 Anniversary Update install

Some users installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update are facing a curious error, which prevent upgrading to Version 1607. The compatibility wizard reports a blocking app, but doesn't provide additional details or an app name.


Updating to Windows 10 Anniversary Update is a kind of upgrade. Therefore the installer runs a compatibility test and reports show stopper like incompatible hardware or apps. Below is a screenshot of such a result page (unfortunately I have a German version only).

Windows 10 Upgrade Assistent Fehler

The user is notified, that an app has compatibility issues and shall be uninstalled manually. But the name of the app is missing – and no further information is given. All a user can do: Press Windows+X on a keyboard and select Control Panel in Quick Launch menu. The select Remove programs and try to find the incompatible app in add/remove window.

Programm deinstallieren

I was stumbling upon 3 cases (here and here) in German Microsoft Answers forum, where an installed Virtual PC Version (2007) was the root cause for the warning given above. In some case it was install fragments remained on a machine after uninstalling Virtual PC. In this case, Revo Uninstaller did the clean job. This approach has also mentioned here at


Have a look at the log files

If the hints given above doesn't help, it's possible to analyze the log files. Microsoft has released KB article 928901 documenting the files left from setup (thx to blog reader Thomas W., who has posted this hints in my German blog). Here are the steps t check for unknown modules.

1. Navigate to hidden folder C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther.

2. Search for the newest file *_APPRAISER_HumanReadable.xml (the * stands for characters like z.B.1y7jlkfjösalkföa_APPRAISER_HumanReadable.xml).

2. Open this xml file in Internet Explorer 11 (double click) or in notepad.exe.

3. Search the xml structure for the following hints.

(Source: German MS Answers forum )

The xml node PropertyList with type "Decision Maker" should contain a character string:

<Property Name="DT_ANY_FMC_BlockingApplication" Value="TRUE" Ordinal="1″ />

The entry "Asset" above contains

<PropertyList Type=Inventory">

The property name LowerCaseLongPath contains the path to the blocking app.

4. Uninstall the blocking app and repeat this procedure, if other critical apps are detected.

We have identified several apps, from Virtual PC 2007 up to EPU-SixEngine, Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 and so on.

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6 Responses to Virtual PC 2007 blocks Windows 10 Anniversary Update install

  1. Olaf Engelke says:

    Well it's not easier with deployment in Enterprise, since the latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection (12.1.6 MP5) is listed as incompatible and needs to be uninstalled, before the update process bothers to start.
    After completing the update the very same software version can be installed again.

    This style of updates makes it almost impossible to maintain the non LTSB version of Windows 10 in larger companies, where you need to rely on the ability to deploy stuff automatically.

    • guenni says:

      Olaf: thx for your information. I guess the whole Windows as a service will end in a messed up situation for users and admins, because they are facing an "upgrade" every 6 months.

  2. David says:

    Mine is also failing just as described but I do not have an entry for "blockingapplication" for Virtual PC or anything else.

    I was surprised to not see the entry even though I definitely have the exact same issue.

  3. Jiří Knotek says:

    Updates also block portable version !!!!! Which, of course, is not installed. See section xml file.

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  5. Josemari says:

    Jiří Knotek, Thanks you very much!! I was crazy looking at the registry, folders and everywhere, and it was just that I had a setup of the virtual pc in a folder.

  6. emilelek says:

    In my case the blocking application was Virtual PC 2007.
    In fact it was never installed to that computer, so there were not even remains of Virtual PC in any system folders.
    What really was blocking the upgrade was a backup of another PC in a deep subfolder on the D: drive containing a folder with Virtual PC …

    Ahemm, that's not very much sophisticated from MS!

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