Windows 10 Anniversary Update – FAQ and Tips

[German]Microsoft released Windows 10 Anniversary Update at August 2, 2016 and will rollout the new OS in waves worldwide (see Windows 10 Anniversary Update rollout explained). This blog posts provides a few answers and hints to upgrade to Windows 10 Version 1607 (without pain).


Create a system backup!

My personal experience as a Microsoft community moderator is: Each major upgrade of Windows 10 is causing serious trouble on many user systems. So I strongly recommend to prepare for Anniversary Update.

  • Create a system backup using Windows 7 backup feature also available via Windows 10 Control Panel.
  • Create a System repair disk (DVD) or a recovery drive (USB stick) to be prepared, if the machine won't boot after updating or if you are in need to restore the system backup.

See also Recovery options in Windows 10 and Backup and Restore in Windows 10 and here (I haven't a step by step guide in English till yet). If you use a third party backup tool, read the manual and be prepared with a recovery media recommended by the tool vendor.

What else shall I prepare before upgrading?

Before installing Windows 10 Version 1607 (Anniversary Update), I recommend the following steps.

  • Backup important user data (your documents, photos) and also license keys, important install files or drivers.
  • Uninstall third party antivirus tools. Check if your vendor offers a kind of removal tool to clean your systems from install files and settings.
  • Uninstall other system tools: TuneUp, Acronis True Image or other backup and system tools, virtual DVD drives, burnign tools, video authoring tools should also be removed, because their filter drivers may block upgrade installation. TuneUp comes with an option to revert back all changes, which should be used.
  • Take care, that the Windows drive has enough free space (there should be 6 – 20 GB or more free – just calculate 5 GB for download and 20 GB or more to store Windows.old folder – on some systems I've seen folder sizes of 25 GB and more).
  • Do a system file check, see Check and repair Windows system files and component store.

Also you should note, that Windows To Go, VHD/VHDX installs are not upgradeable. There a clean install is mandatory.

Update stalls with error 0x80070057

I've seen many users are complaining about upgrade error 0x80070057 during Anniversary Update install. There are several root causes like third party antivirus tools left on the system, a partition system reserved that's not writeable.


In some cases it helped, to switch off internet connection (switch to flight mode or pull the LAN cable) after downloading and verifying the Anniversary Update ends. Then the install went trough. See also Windows 10: Update error 0x80070057 and Anniversary Edition Update Fails – Error code 0x80070057 – The 2% Solution.

Anniversary Update stalls with other errors

It take time till Windows 10 Anniversary Updates has finished install – so be patient. I've read that update install could took 6 and more hours (especially, if a third party antivirus tool blocks). In case of errors, see:

Troubleshoot common Windows 10 upgrade errors (Microsoft)
How to: Troubleshoot common Setup and Stop Errors during Windows 10 Installation
Windows 10 Install and Upgrade Top Solutions
Windows 10 Wiki

Can't activate Cortana

After updating to Anniversary Update some users complaining that Cortana search can't be activated. I've addressed this issue in my blog post Windows 10 Anniversary Update kills Cortana (Fix).

What's changed Windows 10 Version 1607?

See: Complete list of changes in Anniversary update to windows 10
Microsoft axes Group Policies in Windows 10 Pro version 1607
Windows 10, Version 1607: driver signing changes
Cortana search in Windows 10 Version 1607 – a 2nd look

I don't see Anniversary Update on my machine

Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 Anniversary Update in waves, as it is explained in my blog post Windows 10 Anniversary Update rollout explained. If you are in need to upgrade immediately, download an install image and execute setup.exe in Windows 10 Version 1511.

How to download Windows 10 Version 1607 with Media Creation Tool

Do download an install image and create a setup DVD or an USB stick with install media, use the Microsoft Media Creation tool. See the following US Wiki links.

How to Download Official Windows 10 ISO files Using Media Creation Tool
How to upgrade to Windows 10 v1607 manually if the windows update doesn't find it

Windows 10 Anniversary Update – FAQ and Tips
Windows 10 Anniversary Update trouble shooting

Further readings:
US Wiki (from my English speaking MVP colleagues)
PSA: Windows 10 Anniversary Update gives just 10 days for rollback

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