Apple sells “outdated” Macs and more

[German]Just a shortie for Apple users and buyer. Apple sells Macs and iOS devices – mostly at a "high price level". But it seems, that many devices are pretty outdated.


Personally I've complained several times within my German blog about the "my iOS device don't get iOS updates/upgrades anymore". Many Apple users commented that Apple supports each iOS device for years and iPhones should be exchanged every 2 years. Also Mac buyers are telling me, how solid their devices are – and reselling an old Macs on a high price level is possible. But upgrade cycles for Apple devices and operating systems has been quicker during the last years. So buying a new Mac or iOS device from Apple, that is pretty outdated from the first day on, isn't funny. 

TheVerge comes with a provoking thesis: Nearly all Macs selled from Apple are pretty outdated (see article First Click: Apple should stop selling four-year-old computers). They are referencing MacRumors Buyer's Guide, who is granting a "don't buy" to nerly all Macs – and for iOS devices it doen't look really better. Is Apple loosing ground or using Apple fans as a cash cow? What's your opinion?

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