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Enterprises: 84% would like to use Macs only

[German]Interesting result of a survey of enterprise IT staff conducted by Jamf regarding preferred device usage. More than three-quarters of companies that use Mac and non-Mac devices in parallel consider the Mac to be the more secure device and would … Continue reading

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Covid-19: Apple allows to disinfect devices (e.g. iPhone)

[German]A brief note for users of Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPods or Macs. In times of the coronavirus, the manufacturer has made it clear that people are allowed to clean the displays and, if necessary, cases with mild disinfectants. … Continue reading

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Apple confirms macOS Catalina issues on MacBook Pro

Apple has confirmed serious issues with the just released macOS (Catalina) on MacBook Pros, that affects Media Creatives. iTunes has been split into 3 parts – and some media tools are now broken. Advertising

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Apple sells “outdated” Macs and more

[German]Just a shortie for Apple users and buyer. Apple sells Macs and iOS devices – mostly at a "high price level". But it seems, that many devices are pretty outdated. Advertising

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Microsoft Security Bulletin Revisions for Office for Mac(16.3.2016)

Microsoft has re-released two Security Bulletins fpr Office for Mac – one is a critical security update MS16-029. The other is MS16-MAR. Here are some details. Advertising

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Windows: Optional updates and re-releases 02/16/2016

Microsoft has released several optional updates for Windows and re-released some updates for Office for Mac on February 16, 2016. Also a cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1511 seems to be released soon. Here are a few details. Advertising

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