Windows: optional update ‘Intel – System – 6/28/2016’

[German]Microsoft has released an Windows update named as "Intel – System – 6/28/2016". This update is optional, but raises a lot of questions.


I was informed from a blog reader via e-mail. He did send me the following screenshot showing the update window.


The update window did not contain too much information about that optional update, but raises a few questions.

  • #1: Update "Intel – System" has been released, according to the screenshot above at 06/28/2015. But it has been offered now, in December 2016 for some Windows systems.
  • #2: Microsoft doesn't provide any information about that update till yet. The links given in update window points to web sites, where no information about that update is given.

A web search found this forum entry, where somebody asking similar questions. Also my German blog reader wrote, that his update doesn't fit for his system. He wrote:

I like to inform you, … that I received the optional update 'Intel System' shown in the screenshot below on my Windows machine. I've an Intel Core i5 processor with Intel B85 Mainboard from Gigabyte. I 've installed only chipset drivers and Intel Rapid Storage Software. I did not install the Intel Management Engine, because I don't need this functionality (and it's shipped with vulnerabilities). The version shown for this mysterious optional update doesn't fit with the Intel driver software installed on my system.

I guess that something went wrong at Microsoft's Update Servers. My recommendation is: disable automatic update installation in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. And hide the optional update discussed above. If somebody has additions information, feel free to left a comment.


Additional Details

Thanks to a comment given within my German blog, I was able to download the update packe from Microsoft Update Catalog. Inspecting the .cab file, I found an ACPI driver and a PCI driver. The strings located within the INF driver installer files are.

ManufacturerName="Intel" ; TODO: add ManufacturerName
DiskName = "ACPI and BIOS Control"
XtuAcpiDriver.DeviceDesc = "Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility Device Driver"

The Intel-Extreme-Tuning-Utility tool may be found here.

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6 Responses to Windows: optional update ‘Intel – System – 6/28/2016’

  1. Question says:

    After installing this update, I am no longer able to downclock my CPU by reducing its multipliers. Both Intel XTU and my BIOS refuse to reduce the multipliers below 34x for one core, when previously I had it running at 28x.

    Intel said they had no idea what this update was because it was released by Microsoft, not them. The microsoft rep that i spoke to claimed she could not find the update even when provided with the full name.

    Do you have any idea how I can uninstall this update? It is not listed in the list of installed updates or programs.

    • guenni says:

      "Do you have any idea how I can uninstall this update?"

      Unfortunately I have no idea – try to use a rollback via restore point

      • Question says:

        Doesn't the installation file say where the drivers are installed to at least?

        Does it make any registry changes or anything else?

        • guenni says:

          I never received this update (some blog readers of my German blog informed me). But the .cab-file contains .inf files, as far as I've seen. Go to Microsoft Update Catalog and search for the update. The downloaded file can be extracted using 7-ZIP.

  2. Xircal says:

    I had three Intel updates which were respectively, dated 3/13/2016, 10.1.280 dated 8/19/2016 and dated 9/15/2016.

    Unfortunately, I installed all three without thinking since my Intel Graphics have been on the blink just lately and I thought the updates would resolve that. But after reading your article, I decided to run System Restore since I created a Restore point before installing them. That went according to plan, but I note that all three still appear in Update history as being successfully installed.

    Also, I noted from the Catalog link that Born provided that all the 10.1.280 updates are for Fujitsu machines. I changed the Search term to each of the other updates and saw that they were for Lenovo and ASUStek. I have an Acer machine though and am beginning to wonder why these updates appeared at all in WU.

    If any stability issues arise I'll use the System Image which I create every month following Windows security updates to restore the system.

    Thanks very much for the tip though Born!

  3. Bullets says:

    I've been having a hell of a time with MBDA (Microsoft Basic Display Adapter). Been working on the problem all month long and can't seem to find a solution for it. Device manager said it couldn't load the driver because it was having a problem loading it because it wasn't the POSTed driver (Code 31). Since then, I've been educating myself on the problem, yet can find no solutions as of yet. I've searched everywhere from AMD to You Tube to the point that I'm just about ready to hock off my system and start a new build from scratch. :(

    I keep getting the yellow "!" on the MBDA, and now after doing another registry clean, I'm updating my Win8.1 OS before I perform a clean install on my AMD R9 GPU Crimson driver. Then this update popped up, and I was curious because it reads Intel and not AMD? Yet WU say's I need this driver? It's like playing Russian Roulette trying to fix the MBDA issue. Now after reading up on it I'm more skeptical than ever!I'm not ready to pull the trigger yet, but if nothing else works… This may be my only option that can possibly cure my MBDA woes.

    If anyone has a better solution, please let me know.

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