Windows 10 Update error 0x8024001E

[German]Some users are receiving error 0x8024001E during updating or downloading apps from Windows Store, or during installing Windows Update. Here are a few hints how to fix this error.


Reset Windows Update store

In many cases damaged files located in Windows Update store are the root cause for this error. It may help to reset Windows Update store. Try to run Windows 10 update troubleshooter, and hope it will fix the issue. You can use also the following steps, to reset Windows Update store (WU).

  1. Open an administrative command prompt window (Press key combination Windows+X and select command Command Prompt (Admin), see Windows 10: Open command prompt window as administrator).
  2. Enter the commands given below to reset Windows Update store.

net stop wuauserv
rename c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution softwaredistribution.old
net start wuauserv

If Windows refuses to terminate Windows Update service, try to reboot the machine and repeat the steps given above.

Internet Explorer: Undefined temporary folder

Within my older German blog post I mentioned, that update issues, download issues and app issues may also be caused by an undefined path to Internet Explorer temporary folder. Fire up IE, got to Internet options –> General tab and click Settings in Browser history category.


Check the current location for Temporary Internet files. It should be something like it is shown in the screenshot above. It's important, that the path don't point to another drive, because the impersonation level (low) isn't set for other drives. Use the Move folder button to set the path to the system partition. In cause of doubts, go to Advanced tab and reset the browser. Then reboot Windows and check, whether the error is gone.

Other things to check in Windows 10

Error code 0x8024001E stands for WU_E_SERVICE_STOP, because a service terminated (see Windows: How to decode update 0x8024…. errors). If the error occurs during app download, check the following items.

  • Try a complete reboot (initiate a reboot of Windows 10, but press the shift tab, if you select the restart command).
  • Check the system for damaged files and component store (see Check and repair Windows system files and component store).
  • Use update troubleshooter and app troubleshooter from Microsoft, to automatically fix problems.
  • Reset Windows Store cache (enter wsreset.exe in taskbar's search box and execute the command).
  • Try to uninstall the faulty app and the reinstall it from Windows store.

Microsoft has released this support article discussing also this error. The article suggests similar checks. Also third party tools like antivirus software may the cause for this issue.

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