Microsoft’s leaks sensitive files to everyone

Microsoft’s service has been used by many users to store private documents. But privat documents are not private, because everybody can search and view such documents.


According to Microsoft, is a Microsoft online platform where you can publish and discover Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Sway, and PDF documents, among others. With, you can create an online portfolio of your expertise, discover, download, or bookmark works from other authors, and build your brand with built-in SEO, analytics, and email and social sharing. comes with several privacy settings where users can choose to share content to only within your organization, or publicly to the world wide web.

The site reported here, that the common search function of are made private documents public to everyone. also wrote, that Microsoft has pulled this search feature during last weekend. But that isn’t true. I don’t have a account. I visited and searched for several keywords like cv, invoice, billing and so on. I was able to view several private documents, that wasn’t uploaded to in an intention to offer it to everyone.


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