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Court documents show how Google monitors users despite rejected tracking

[German]A recent lawsuit filed by the Arizona Attorney General against technology company Google shows that the company continues to track users who have declined location tracking anyway. Thus, IP addresses of Google users served to obtain accurate location information and … Continue reading

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Tesla vehicle data collection

IEEESpectrum is planning a short series of reports examining Tesla's collection and use of data from its customers' vehicles. Part 1 will summarize what is known about what data Tesla collects and uploads to its servers. Advertising

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Data protection: Microsoft 365 banned in Germany's Baden-Württemberg's schools by summer 2022

[German]The use of Microsoft 365 at schools in German state of Baden-Württemberg has been banned after the summer 2022. Schools must offer suitable alternatives for students and teachers. This is pointed out by the State Commissioner for Data Protection and … Continue reading

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Preliminary agreement between EU and US on the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework

[German]The European Union (EU) and the USA seem to have reached a preliminary agreement on the exchange of user data (Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework) between these regions. The successor agreement is necessary because the European Court of Justice overturned two … Continue reading

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Firefox installer assigns a unique identifier to the browser

[German]Did you know that Firefox registers a unique installer ID in the browser? When someone downloads the Firefox installer from the Mozilla web pages and then installs the Firefox browser, a unique identifier is generated during this process and sent … Continue reading

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Beware: User reports TP-Link routers share traffic with third parties (Avira)

[German]Do any of you have TP-Link routers in use? There is disturbing information of the "hands off these devices" type. This is because there are user reports that TP-Link router firmware is sharing network traffic with third-party vendors (specifically AVIRA … Continue reading

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EU Parliament approves "Digital Service Act"

[German]On January 20, 2022, the EU Parliament adopted the so-called Digital Service Act in its first reading. This will make online platforms and online marketplaces more accountable and more stringent in combating illegal content, goods and services, and disinformation. The … Continue reading

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App 'Life360 Locator' is selling GPS location data since 2016

[German]This is probably a solid scandal – there is an app Life360 – Familie suchen, which is also available on Android in Germany has millions of users. The app allows family members to be tracked via their smartphone. Now it … Continue reading

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Irish DPC sends noyb a take down notice on a published Facebook draft decision

[German]The Irish data protection authority DPC has sent the data protection organization noyb, founded by Max Schrems in Austria, a so-called take down notice. This is a request to take down a published document from the organization's website. The document … Continue reading

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Pegasus spyware detected on French phones, Zeus app detects Pegasus

[German]Today another short article on the Pegasus surveillance software from the Israeli NSO Group. After the discovery of this spy software on smartphones of politicians and activists in the summer of 2021, the Trojan was recently found on phones of … Continue reading

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