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Office365 violates GDPR in schools

[German]The Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information in the German state Hesse, declaring that Windows 10 and Office 365 is not compliant with the GDPR for use in schools.

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Data Breach revealed 1.5 Million Freedom Mobile Customers

Bad news for customers of Canada’s fourth-largest wireless communications provider Freedom Mobile (formerly Wind Mobile). Security rearchers discovered a breach which exposes up to 1.5 million active Freedom Mobile users’ personal data.

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Huge data breach impacts 80 million US households

Ethical hackers from vpnmentor found an unprotected database on the net on a cloud server. The data base contains sensitive data from 80 million US households. And no one knows who owns the database.

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Privacy: Microsoft with Windows 10/Office 365 under pressure

[German]Microsoft comes again under pressure in the USA and Germany due to privacy concerns about Windows 10 and Office 365. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has launched a “Fix It Already!” campaign, in which Microsoft also appears with Windows 10. … Continue reading

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Dutch report says Microsoft Office is not GDPR compliant

[German]It’s no real surprise: An investigation for dutch governement found, that Microsoft spies on users for individual use through its Office Pro Plus modules. Office 2016 Pro Plus and Office 365 isn’t compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Google changes sign-in and Cookie policy in Chrome 70

[German]After Chrome developers implemented a ‘mandatory sign-in’ in Google Chrome 69, the received a slash back from media. Now Google pulls back and announced some changes in upcoming Google Chrome 70.

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Firefox addon Web Security transfers private data

[German]It isn’t a nice story so far: Mozilla’s developers have recommended the addon Web Security for a short time to protect privacy and to secure the browser. However, this addon transmits the URLs and other (possibly private or sensitive) data … Continue reading

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Mozilla’s DNS Single Point of Failure build into Firefox

[German]Firefox developers are starting again a (security) war against it’s users by attempting, to implement DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) and Trusted Recursive Resolver (TRR) into Firefox browser. But Mozilla’s way to do that, is a Single Point of Failure  (SPOF). Here is … Continue reading

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Cloudflare launches DNS Service with IP

[German]Cloudflare has started a DNS service under the IP address today, April 1, 2018 (four ones suggest the start on April 1). Here is some information about it.

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German authorities demands: Microsoft must disable Windows 10 data transfer

[German]Explosive development for Microsoft and their Windows 10? The data protection officer from Baden-Württemberg (Germany) has demanded that the data transfer in Windows 10 be switched off and improved as soon as possible. This is mandatory to fulfill the GPDR … Continue reading

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