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Tor Browser 7.5.1/7.5.2 released

[German]The Tor network released the new version 7.5.1 of the Tor browser for Windows, Linux and macOS last Tuesday, March 13, 2018. And just a few hours ago, on March 17, they added version 7.5.2.

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Does Hotspot Shield leaks user data?

[German]A security expert has discovered that the VPN service Hotspot Shield, which is supposed to guarantee privacy, leaks sensitive information about the user.

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Windows 10 privacy: more transparency and control

Microsoft is collecting a lot of data on Windows 10 systems, so many users are complaining about privacy. Starting with Windows 10 Creators Update Microsoft has begun to reveal more details about which data are collected in Windows 10 and … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s docs.com leaks sensitive files to everyone

Microsoft’s docs.com service has been used by many users to store private documents. But privat documents are not private, because everybody can search and view such documents.

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Firefox Focus – ‘Privacy gate’, a 2nd view

Here is a second view on the Mozilla iOS Firefox Focus app and the data tracking / privacy issue raised last week. Firefox Focus is advertised as a “privacy browers”, but comes with a tracking framework. Data are send to … Continue reading

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Firefox privacy settings – what to know

Firefox browser is still popular and well used on desktop systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). And the browser provides a lot settings to customize it’s behavior. One aspect is the question “how to customize Firefox privacy settings”?

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Firefox Focus: The ‘Privacy Browser’ with build in user tracking

[German]Mozilla Foundation started last November shipping Firefox Focus as a privacy browser for iOS devices. But behind the scenes, this iOS app comes with a third-party tracking framework, that sends user tracking data to a big data collecting company. And: … Continue reading

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Flaw in webinar form reveals Microsoft customers names

[German]Microsoft offers Webinars, online courses held via Internet –  that’s good. Unfortunately there is a security flaw in a German webinar registration form offered by Microsoft Germany, that reveals the name of Microsoft’s customers. And there are “other” stupid things, … Continue reading

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Web of Trust harvesting and selling user’s surfing data

Browser add-on Web of Trust (WoT) has been harvesting an selling user’s surfing data without anonymising it. After this incident was uncovered, WoT was dropped from Firefox and Google.

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Yahoo: Mail with build-in NSA scan

Struggling company Yahoo has not only been associated with one of the biggest data breach in history. Yahoo seems also to be an “NSA assistant”, helping the U.S. intelligence scanning all incoming E-Mails.

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