Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 N Version 1703

[German]Some users are losing the ability to use media feature after upgrading to Windows 10 N Creators Update. The reason: They are using an N version of Windows 10, and they need a Media Feature Pack to add the missing media features again. Here are a few details.


What is Windows 10 N?

Most of my English language readers are not aware, that there are Windows N versions. Windows N was forced from EU commission several years ago, because Microsoft misused it's market position. Windows 10 N is an operating system version without Media Player and media features. N stands for no media features. A similar Windows 10 KN variant has been released for Korea.

What if I 've installed Windows N and what's a Media Feature Pack?

If Windows 10 N is installed, no media features are available. There is no Windows Media Player, but you are able to use VLC-Player for media play back. But without media features, Windows 10 N can't support:

  • Apps with media play back features (Groove Music, Video app etc.) won't work
  • Connecting smartphones, cameras and mobile devices via USB cable fails, because there is no support for media transfer using Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) and Media Transfer Protocol (MTP).
  • Edge browser can't display PDF documents, because there is not support for that.

This Microsoft site list more restrictions for Windows 10 N. But it's easy to fix that: Just install the Media Feature Pack, and the missing features will be added.

Where to obtain the Media Feature Pack?

Microsoft offers the Media Feature Pack for Windows N for free download. The problem: Each Windows build need it's customized Media Feature Pack and it's sometimes hard to find the right download address. Microsoft has created the Media Feature Pack list for Windows N editions page linking all Media Feature Packs for supported Windows versions. Further details about the Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 N Version 1703 may be found at KB4016817. Just download the appropriate version, install the pack and restart. Then the missing media feature should be available.

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