Windows 10: IE 11 doesn’t show JPEG images

Internet Explorer 11 has an issue in Windows 10 (current Insider Builds 16170 or 16184): The browser don’t display jpeg image files within a web page – only placeholders are shown.


I was pointed to that issue from a reader of my German blog. He contacted me early in April 2017 and pointed out:

I’ve installed a dual boot system with Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds 15063 and 16170. In Build 16170 IE11 cant display image files (see screenshot).

The blog reader tested a clean install and an update install, both versions has this issue. Because Edge showed the websites with all images, it could not be a broken file type association. During writing this blog post, I found this Microsoft Answers forum post claiming the same thing. But my blog reader came recently with a solution.

1. Click in IE window to the settings icon and select Internet options in settings menu.

2. Go to Advanced tab and check Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering unter Accelerated graphics.


After closing the tab via OK, the browser should display also jpeg images. An hint for this solution has also given here at Microsoft Answers forum thread.

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  1. Maninder says:

    Thanks for the fix, i have been struggling with this issue for weeks. Upgraded from win 7 to win10 build 1809. Use of software rendering fixed the issue.

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