Fixing Microsoft Outlook Search Bug after June 2017 Update

[German]After installing Microsoft's Office security updates, released June 13, 2017, expecting issues with Microsoft Outlook search. Now it seems, that this issue has been fixed. Here are the details.


The issue in detail

Microsoft's Office security updates, released June 13, 2017, are causing search issues in all currently supported Microsoft Outlook version. Especially security updates KB 3203467 and KB3191898 seems to be the root cause. A user at this thread reported such search issue. I read several forum entries reporting similar issues (see here). Re-building the search index seems to help in rare cases, but it's not a general fix. I've discussed this issue also within my blog post Outlook issues after June 2017 security updates.

Update KB4022716 for Windows 10 Version 1703

A few days ago Microsoft released cumulative update KB4022716 for Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703) (see my blog post Windows 10 Updates KB4023543, KB4022723, KB4032693, KB4032695 (June 2017). During writing this blog post, Microsoft's kb article didn't mentioned the following item:

Addressed a reliability issue in Windows Search.

After comparing my blog post and the updates kb article, I found the sentence about Windows Search has been added. I became aware of this, because a German blog reader posted a comment at my blog post Windows 10: KB4022716 bereitet neue Update-Prozedur vor. He wrote:

On my system, the broken Outlook Search has been fixed since update KB4022725.

So overall update KB4022725 seems to fix Outlook search in Windows 10 Version 1703. Then I started to search for more details.

Updates KB4022723, KB4032693 and KB4032695

Within my blog post Windows 10 Updates KB4023543, KB4022723, KB4032693, KB4032695 (June 2017) I mentioned all cumulative updates for Windows 10 RTM, V1511 and V1607. So I tried to search for these updates. I found this Technet forum post, where Steve Fan (a Microsoft contingent staff moderator) posted:


Hi All,

We have released a non-security update KB4022168 which should fix the search issue on Windows 7. Please try installing the update and then see whether the issue continues. For Windows 10 users, please try to install KB4022716.

Please let us know the result.


Steve Fan

But this isn't the full truth. Searching the web, I recognized, that Microsoft has added a remark about fixing Windows Search within all cumulative Windows 10 updates mentioned within my blog post Windows 10 Updates KB4023543, KB4022723, KB4032693, KB4032695 (June 2017). This Technet thread contains mixed feedback. Some users aren't able to install update KB4022716 on Windows 10 x64. Others are saying, that the update didn't fix the issue:

Same here. Already did a rollout from KB4022168, still the same issue. I'm also wondering if there a further steps to do which are not mentioned. We are using Office 2010/2013, Windows 7 64Bit

One user has installed Preview Rollup Update KB4022168 for Windows 7 SP1 on his machines and wrote.

We installed KB4022168  on several Windows 7 PC's which had this issue. Directly after install and reboot the search function worked again as expected. However, those machines that worked yesterday now no longer work.

I have started to rebuild the index again on a few of the units but so far the signs are not positive.

A German readere posted within my blog.

The Search issues has been fixed with monthly Update Rollup from June 27.. KB4022168 for Windows 7, KB4022720 for Windows 8.1 and KB4022716 for Windows 10 did the same.

Question: Did these updates fix your broken Outlook search?

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9 Responses to Fixing Microsoft Outlook Search Bug after June 2017 Update

  1. Carrie says:

    My search function is not fixed. Reindexing does not work. Its very frustrating as I heavily rely on that function in my work email. I had done something previous to that last windows update that seemed to get it functioning again but I can not longer find those instructions. I can only find the reindexing instructions.

    • guenni says:

      I notized, that the broken search function isn't fixed on some systems. But I'm not aware of another solution.

  2. Sean Haley says:

    Short of it, test the below on a single workstation before rolling out to systems facing constant indexing or poor or no search results from within MS Outlook.

    Confirm search results work in OWA first and that MS Outlook is where the searches fail.


    *.pst files are no longer supported by Microsoft over network shares, move them back locally (breaks indexing in MS Outlook 2010)
    Add the new locations of the archive.psts to the search indexing in MS Outlook

    Locate and uninstall MS KB 4022719 (problem)
    after the system reboots –
    Download and install MS KB 4022168 (fix)

    Choose the delete and rebuild indexing option in MS Outlook

    Let MS Outlook re-index – up to 4-6 hours depending on combined size of *.pst and *.ost files

  3. Steve G. says:

    It's important to note that in regards to fixing the search indexing issue, if you install KB4022168 and reboot immediately, it will not appear to work. The indexing count was stuck, and even once unstuck it still has to finish indexing. Patience is a virtue.

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  5. Jay says:

    Sadly the fix was only temporary in my case…
    ***back to rebuilding the index***


  6. Regina says:

    Tried the steps, came up short, those KB4022168 downloads did not have any effect. Contacted Microsoft guys about it – they provided same solution that did not help. Looked around and found guys at 4Team *** Link deleted *** who resolved it for me. Apparently they have uninstalled some of the Windows Updates (not sure which ones though), but after rebooting – search started working fine as before.

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