Windows 10: update error 0x80070020

[German]Windows users are facing several update errors. Update error 0x80070020 may occur in Windows 10 during update install and also during feature updates. Here are a few details how to fix this error.


What is error 0x80070020?

Error 0x80070020 stands for ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION, the update process can't access a file, because it's in use. I've covered this error within several blog post (for instance the German article Windows 10 Build 15019 Insider Preview: Installationsprobleme).

Fix #1: remove Antivirus software

A common case for this error is antivirus software that access some files during scans and block it for installs. Microsoft has released a KB article dealing with this error (for Windows XP or Vista). My recommendation: Try a restart – and if that don't fix it, deactivate or uninstall your antivirus software.

Fix #2: Clean your profile list

Another root cause for this update error are orphaned profiles within an installed system. These profiles prevents upgrades. This MS Answers forum thread proposes to clean the profile list as a solution.

Fix #3: Uninstall graphics driver

Sometimes a faulty graphics driver is causing error 0x80070020 during an update or upgrade. Within my German blog post Windows 10: Ärger mit Update KB3140745 / KB3140768? I mentioned a graphics driver ( nVIDIA) as a possible root cause.

Fix #4: Windows Defender is causing trouble

Because Microsoft 'improves' Windows Defender in Windows 10, we see more and more cases, where real time protection, cloud protection and other features are the root cause auf install errors. So it's a good idea to disable Windows Defender, reboot and check, whether the update error is still present.


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