Windows 10 Creators Update – just on 65.6% of all devices

[German]Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703) is available since Spring 2017, but distribution to Windows 10 PCs is slow (in my opinion). AdDuplex has the last tracking data for Windows devices.


The latest tracking stats from August 2017 for Windows 10 devices published by advertising network AdDuplex shows, that Windows 10 Creators Update reaches just 65.6 % (2/3) of all Windows 10 machines.

(Source: AdDuplex)

This isn’t impressive, it’s worse, as AdDuplex writes. Creators Update upgrade cadence is still lagging behind the figures from previous Anniversary Update. And in a few weeks the game starts again with Windows 10 Fall Creators Upgrade. More details may be found within the AdDuplex slides or within this article.

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1 Response to Windows 10 Creators Update – just on 65.6% of all devices

  1. krzemien says:

    Yeah, that’s interesting indeed.
    My relatively new HP OMEN PC (with Win10 1607 onboard when delivered back in Jan’ 17) has not seen any sign of MS notification re: Creators Update just yet – which I find rather strange as I would expect this machine to be updated as a matter of course due to its fairly new hardware etc.
    Not that I miss it, of course, as I’m fine with Anniverary Update. Still, something’s fishy, I think…

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