Microsoft Office 2013: Rendering issue after Update

Users of Microsoft Office (2013) are facing from time to time a crude issue: The rendering seems broken in Office apps after updating the Microsoft Office package.


Description of this issue

I stumbled upon this within this German forum. An administrator is using Microsoft Office 2013 under Windows 10, all patches are installed. But the Office modules shows rendering issues (black bars, fonts are broken and some lines are shifted – see screenshot below).


The user repaired and re-installed Microsoft Office 2013, without success. Also updating the graphics driver didn’t changed a thing. There is a Microsoft KB article KB2768648, suggesting a few fixes.

Workaround for den Office 2013

In KB2768648 and within this Technet blog article Microsoft provides a hint: If there are rendering issues in Microsoft Office 2013, the user shall try to disable hardware acceleration. On an  individual machine, the user can open up advanced properties (Word, Outlook, Excel) and select the option to “Disable hardware graphics acceleration”.


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