Using Kyocera FS-1041 under macOS 10.12 Sierra

[German]Today a short information for Mac users. How to use a Kyocera FS-1041 laser printer in macOS Sierra 10.12. The Kyocera website doesn’t provides a driver for macOS Sierra.


The b/w Kyocera FS-1041 laser printer is attractive due to its low printing costs and is available at a low price (about 60 – 70 Euro). But there is a problem, because the printer doesn’t seem to work under macOS 10.12 Sierra.

(Source: Kyocera)

I found several user comments at confirming this question about macOS Sierra compatibility. The seller answers the question’ Does the printer also work with max os sierra?’ with YES. There a user writes in May 2017:

No, he’s not. He’s not. When installing the driver from the Kyocera page I get the error message: No software to install found. Tried several times. Even after a new installation of OS X Sierra. Mac user=fingers off.

And a second one confirms this apparently by stating on August 25,2017: “No, drivers on Kyocera’s website are obsolete (2014) MacOS does not work with this printer!

There seems to be a solution

The Kyocera website contains drivers for Windows up to version 10 and Mac OS X 10.5 or later. However, an installation attempt seems to be unsuccessful. By chance I came across a post (now deleted) at It is recommended to proceed as follows.


1. First of all, you should download the driver (OS X 10.5 or higher_1.1201 [03-23-2012].dmg for FS-1325MFP) from a Kyocera FTP server. This is the last driver Kyocera released.

Note: I’ve had published the download link, but was forced to remove it. So contact Kyocera support and nail them down to send you the direct download link for the driver FS-1325MFP OS X 10.5 or higher_1.1201 [03-23-2012].dmg – unbelievable. Just a tip: Visit this Kyocera site and look for the driver.

2. Then unpack the .zip archive file and make sure that the printer is not connected to your Mac via USB.
3. Then install the printer driver via the. dmg file. The printer can then be connected to the Mac via USB.

Then it should work with printing. If there are still problems, you may find a solution in this forum thread.


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2 Responses to Using Kyocera FS-1041 under macOS 10.12 Sierra

  1. bm says:

    7 years later… this printer works on my mac! Halleluja!
    Of course… solution is to install drivers for a printer with another name.

    Also, printer needs to be deleted before you plugin the usb cable

    • Bas says:

      Could you tell us which driver for which printer you used? You tell us here you use another name?
      Thank you in advance!

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