Windows Server 2012 R2: Update KB4036479 pulled

[German]Microsoft has pulled Update KB4036479 for Windows Server 2012 R2, releases on September 19, 2017, due to serious issues with Hyper-V. Here are a few details.


Update KB4036479 has been released by Microsoft on September 19, 2017 for Windows Server 2012 R2. The problem with this update: It wasn’t installable in Hyper-V environments, because after rebooting Windows Server 2012 R2 the update was constantly reinstalled. I’ve addressed this issue within my blog post Windows Server 2012 R2: KB4036479 install issue. Others has also claimed this issue (see here).

A German blog reader left now a comment informing me,  that Microsoft has now pulled this update KB4036479. Support article KB403647 (Eliminate restarts in virtual machine initial configuration in Windows Server 2012 R2) informs about this step:

Update not available

The update that is described in this article is currently not available in Windows Update. We are investigating the reason why Windows Update reoffers the update after it is already installed.

Microsoft also describes the issue in detail: When a virtual machine is created by using Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 R2, a restart occurs during initial machine configuration (IMC). This update eliminates the restart step in the IMC process. That’s exactly what I described in the blog post I linked above, based on readers experience.


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