Fix: Outlook mail issue in KB4011089, KB4011090, KB4011091

[German]Users of Microsoft Outlook ran into a problem with archived emails after installing Microsoft's September 2017 security updates. The problem has now been fixed.


Issues with Outlook after patchday?

On September 12, 2017, Microsoft released security updates for Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016 that caused problems for some users accessing archived emails. This Veritas support page writes, that updates:

are causing issues. After installing those Microsoft Security patches for Outlook, users are unable to access archived emails. Upon double clicking on the shortcut it will open the shortcut only with the banner: "The item has archived by Enterprise vault. Click here to view the original link". Also the 3 updates under CVE-2017-11774 are blocking CRM access from Outlook. Uninstalling the updates fixes the issue.

Solutions and workarounds

The Veritas support page provides a workaround for the archived mail issue. German blog reader Axel H. informed me, that the issue as been fixed.

We also have problems with the three patches from here: or its predecessors.

Here is a problem mentioned, that affects us and others:

(is probably fixed by the manufacturer since the day before yesterday… if you would use the latest version…)

If the newest version of the security updates to close CVE-2017-11774 are installed, the issues mentioned above should be fixed. Perhaps it helps, if you are affected. Thanks to Axel H. for the tip.

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2 Responses to Fix: Outlook mail issue in KB4011089, KB4011090, KB4011091

  1. Jason says:

    This doesn't work. I have Outlook 2016 and the KB fix for 2016 says I have no installed products on this PC. Fuck Microsoft.

  2. x3Ray says:

    Thanks. Unfortunately I have to say that the problem still remains. :(

    Actually, it works for the private mailbox, but not for any additional mailbox. Any idea how to fix that?

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