Windows 10 V1709: Issues with Update KB4051963

[German]Microsoft released cumulative update KB4051963 for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (V1709) on November 30, 2017. Now it seems, that this update is causing issues for some users.


Blog reader Leon also brought the topic to my attention (thanks for that). As it looks like, some users have trouble with cumulative update KB4051963 for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (V1709). This update is supposed to fix the Epson dot matrix printer problem (see Windows 10 V1703: Update KB4055254 fixes Epson Dot Matrix printing bug). But there are users who have trouble with this update. I'll just put the findings here together, maybe someone's affected.

Installation hangs at 30%

Within this Microsoft Answers forum thread a user reported, that the update installation hangs at 30%:

Recycled power in order to force a restart.  Curiously enough, the build now indicates an update to 16299.98 despite the windows update status of requires a restart to complete installation.  After restarting, nothing changed. 

Using the Windows Update Troubleshooter did not resolve the issue.  I then tried powershell in admin mode to run the following commands: dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth (no problems reported); sfc /scannow (no issues reported); rundll32.exe pnpclean.dll,RunDLL_PnpClean /DRIVERS /MAXCLEAN (returned a prompt–no activity) and a chkdsk /f just for good measure at the next restart. 

Restarted again (no evidence of anything other than the chkdsk cmd being executed); checked the windows update history, which still indicates a restart is necessary to complete the installation of the update. 

Windows Update continues to update Windows Defender definitions, but the status still remains the same for KB4051963.

He tried several thing without success. Also downloading the update package and installing it manually, isn't possible anymore.

Issues after installation

Within this MS Answers forum thread a user writes, that Windows 10 won't open the start menu after installing this update. Also Edge is crashing, and the Settings app shown an empty windows, and Cortana stalls. But it's maybe a single incident.

Problem with multi-monitor systems

A user within this forum thread reports problems with multi-monitor system. The second screen shows green pixels and wrong colors. It would be interesting to know if anyone else is affected by these problem.


More issues

A user reported within this forum thread that his backup app retrospect is no longer working. It seems as if the manufacturer offers an update. The KIS 2018 blue screen issue I've addressed within my blog post Windows 10 V1709: KIS2018 causes classpnp.sys bluescreen.

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4 Responses to Windows 10 V1709: Issues with Update KB4051963

  1. Mike says:

    New multi-monitor problem created by the latest 10 update (December 7th). I have 2 monitors. Windows does not turn on my second monitor on startup or when recovering from sleep mode. If I cycle power on monitor #2, the display comes up and works fine – so Windows recognizes the monitor – until the next time the computer is restarted or comes out of sleep mode. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance…
    Windows 10 Professional (x64) Version 1709 (build 16299.98) with anNvidia GTX 1080Ti graphics card (with latest software updates).

  2. Mike says:

    Unfortunately, that did not resolve the problem, but thank you for taking the time to provide a possible fix. I did try "duplicate displays" rather than extending the displays, but that also failed. It appears that Windows simply is no longer commanding the second monitor "on" at startup.

    • guenni says:

      It seems to me that this could be a driver issue – triggered by the latest cumulative Update. I will write a short blog post for tomorrow. Perhaps others are also affected and we will find a solution.

      In the mean time – I've published the German editon of the avised blog post – and received several confirmations, that there are issues.

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