Windows 10 Setup: Stuck in Cortana hell

[German]Today a some funny blog post that points out the sufferings of an administrator who was ordered to set up a new Windows 10 system. Okay, it wasn't one, it was 40 systems. Unexpectedly, he was trapped in a Cortana Hell.


It's the old theme: Well thought is not always well done. Microsoft is very proud of its language assistant Cortana and has even integrated her into the Windows 10 setup. Now an administrator was ordered to set up 40 systems (HP notebooks) with Windows 10. Anyone who feels annoyed with Cortana while setting up one system can appreciate how the administrator was feeling setting up 40 systems.

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The poor guy was trapped within the Cortana hell. The thread at has more than 200 answers. One person says: "The first setup is quite funny – after that the crap only annoys". And another remarks: "Until last week he worked in a computer shop. He had to put up with that crap at least 20 times a day. But now he's got a new job". Another poster at noted:

Just deployed a couple HP laptops… Clicking the speaker button does not silence Cortana. That feature was broken on these particular Win10 images. Also, no volume control (speaker icon is apparently also the volume control). I was forced to endure that…

Another user wrote:

I deployed 30 desktops in an IT suite a while ago and was trapped in room with that for what felt like eternity.

Who the fuck thinks this is a good idea?

Nevertheless, the comments at are priceless. A poster draws a connection to Clippy.


Perfect demonstration of how ridiculous Cortana is. We'll look back on this whole voice assistant bullshit in 15 years they same way we look back on Clippy.

Quintessence of some posters: With Linux this wouldn't have happened – and with Windows 10 LTSC you sail in a different league. Have a nice Sunday. (via)

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