Windows and Browser Statistics February 2018

[German]At the beginning of February 2018, it's time to take a quick look at the market share of desktop operating systems and see how things has changed with Windows. And I will take also a look at the browser market and its user shares.


Operating system share February 2018

At, Windows' market share for the desktop market end of January 2018 is 87.79%, while macOS grabs 9.95%. Linux is used on 1.93% of all desktop systems.

Betriebssystemverteilung Desktop 1.2018

In terms of operating system distribution by version, Windows 7 reaches 42.93% at the end of January 2018, while Windows 10 is 34.29%. Windows 8.1 reaches 5.56% and Windows XP 4.05%. 

Browser: Chrome owns the market

At the browser market, Google's chrome browser has a market share of 61.41% and was even able to increase by 2.51%. Internet Explorer continues to lose market share at 11.84%, while Firefox has dropped by 2.44% to 10.85%. Microsoft's Edge-Browser stumbles at a meager 4.67%.

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